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The logo of USA Ultimate, the sport's national governing body.USA Ultimate CEO Tom Crawford and Board of Directors President Mike Payne will be live chatting on Ultimate Nation, USA Ultimate’s new weekly videocast, tomorrow (Thursday, April 17) at 11:15 AM EST.

This is a great opportunity to engage with USA Ultimate’s most important leaders on current issues in the sport. USAU has specifically opened the discussion to these topics:

- Moving the club season into the summer
- Fielding national teams for the WUGC
- Building a national infrastructure
- USA Ultimate Foundation
- USA Ultimate’s recent position on the semi-pro leagues

Crawford touched on many of these topics in his recent letter to the members, published in the Spring 2014 USAU Magazine.

If you have questions for Crawford and Payne, leave them in the comments or tweet at USA Ultimate with the hashtag #ultimatenation.

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The Toronto Rush huddle up in Washington, D.C.

Photo by Pete Guion — UltiPhotos.com

There may be some new bells and whistles in the AUDL’s Eastern Conference, but the Rush’s core proved that the East still runs through Toronto.

With a 20-19 win over the DC Breeze (0-1) and 22-20 win over New York Empire (0-1) this weekend, the Rush temporarily quieted the questions as to whether the offseason additions for the Breeze and Empire will fundamentally change the landscape in the East. Despite securing the two early season wins (which could be crucial tie-breakers even if the late season rankings tighten up), the Rush (2-0) may not exactly be standing on solid ground. They had to comeback from down 10-6 against the Breeze and 17-14 against the Empire.

The Rush’s Saturday win over the Breeze could have easily gone the other way. In the final seconds of the game, Tyler Degirolamo had two throwaways, one of which was to Alex Thorne as time expired; a completion on either throw could have sent the contest into overtime.

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Should gloves be disallowed in ultimate?In light of some recent rules changes in MLU, which kicked off its second season this week, here are some rules changes that I’d like to see WFDF make:

1. No Gloves

Imagine you turned up to a tournament and were faced with a strong wind, strong enough to limit the range of even your best throwers to, say, 30 yards.  Now imagine that one of your opponents brings onto the pitch a handheld device they have invented which reliably pings an Ultrastar 60 yards upwind.  You’d probably think they had an unfair advantage.

Interestingly, there is nothing in the current WFDF Rules to prevent anyone using any equipment that assists throwing.

Of course, if such a rule was enforced, then where do you draw the line? There has been a recent trend towards playing in gloves. Read more →

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The Boston Whitecaps took on the New York Rumble in the MLU season opener in Boston.

Photo by Bob Durling — UltiPhotos.com

I went to the opening day for the MLU’s Boston Whitecaps this past Saturday, with the intention of seeing some friends and family, checking out the new venue, and watching some ultimate. This year, there seems to be more hype than ever around the semi-pro leagues. I was looking forward to seeing how the overall experience compared to last year’s games and an AUDL Connecticut Constitution game I attended in 2012.

This is anecdotal, biased analysis from someone who is most likely not the targeted audience for these games. I tried to see the event through non-ultimate eyes. I sat with Boston players and some Dads with boy babies. There is absolutely no data here. Read more →

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The 2014 USA Ultimate College Series design.Make a name for your outstanding teammates and tell us about who deserves to win All-Region, All-Freshman, and Coaching awards this year in the discussion threads below. Here is a dedicated home page that can be easily shared and searched.

With the decline of RSD, there has been an unfortunate drop in All-Region conversation online. Nobody can see everyone play, but there are many deserving players at less-known schools. We hope these threads can facilitate a conversation about the best players — regardless of hype — in every division of every region. Take it from here. Read more →

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Watch Holy Family Catholic’s Nick Bisonette come up with the big catch block with Carolina Friends threatening to tie the game late in the Paideia Cup finals. HFC went on to win two points later, improving to 18-0 on the season. Read the finals recap.

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Watch the 2013 game of the year: Boston Ironside v. Seattle Sockeye in the semifinals of the Club Championships in Frisco, Texas. And don’t miss our analysis of the game.

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Watch the full game footage of the Toronto Rush v. New York Empire from Brooklyn, presented by Ultiworld:

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The San Jose Spiders celebrate after a buzzer beating catch at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Photo courtesy of Amy Chang.

The San Jose Spiders pulled away from the San Francisco FlameThrowers in the fourth quarter of the American Ultimate Disc League’s first edition of the ESPN3 Game of the Week, taking a well-earned 20-16 victory to start their season off with a win. The FlameThrowers, who stayed close throughout, were within one heading into the final quarter, but San Jose was able to put up seven fourth quarter points to take the game. Overall, the game lived up to its billing as the West Coast showcase, with numerous hucks, layouts, and contested skies.

San Jose Stars Shine in Debut Professional Performances

Used primarily as a handler, star signee Ashlin Joye led the charge for the Spiders. Joye finished with a game-high five assists, utilizing effective breaks and huck throws to make the Spiders’ offense look easy. Kevin Smith and Tim Gilligan provided assistance in the backfield; Smith moved the disc well and was also able to get loose for three scores, while Gilligan used quick throws and cuts to run the offense on several occasions.

The Spiders’ stars looked solid, with Beau Kittredge playing big and piling up stats. Although he didn’t come down with every disc, it sometimes took two or even three defenders to stop him. The FlameThrowers successfully managed to contain Kittredge deep for most of the night, but that meant that he and other cutters were able to get plenty of separation on their under cuts.

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Pro Power Rankings

Here are the Week 1 Pro League Power Rankings for MLU and the AUDL.

Conferences Results

Here are the results from college Conference tournaments around the country. The list is being periodically updated by USA Ultimate as they confirm scores and Regionals qualifiers.

The Ongoing Score Reporter Fiasco

Ah, scores.usaultimate.org. It was never a smooth user experience, it crashed during periods of high usage, and it was all around a bit of a clunky interface. But it worked: tournaments were there, scores were updated, and, all in all, it was a pretty good way of quickly seeing what happened at a tournament.

It was badly in need of an upgrade, but it worked. Oh, how I miss it. Read more →

Summer Is Coming

In case this was in any way uncertain: “The Triple Crown Tour season and series will be shifting into the summer over the next two years.” That’s USA Ultimate CEO Tom Crawford in the upcoming USAU newsletter.

Pro Power Rankings

Check out the preseason power rankings of the American Ultimate Disc League and Major League Ultimate.

On Comments

We have had a large increase in comments on Ultiworld in the past few months. While that is great, we’ve also started to lose the signal (quality comments) in the noise (nasty, off-topic, or otherwise useless comments).

While our comment policy remains the same (we delete slanderous, hateful, or ad hominem attacks on writers, players, or other commenters; we also delete grammatical/spelling correction comments once they are fixed), we are going to start to use a new Disqus feature more frequently: highlighting comments. Read more →


I am going to be starting a mailbag column that runs weekly on Thursdays about topics across the sport. I want your questions and comments! All correspondence can go to charlie@ultiworld.com or @ceisenhood on Twitter.

To encourage quality questions and comments, there will be a weekly prize given out for the best submission of the week: discs, jerseys, video downloads. It will change week to week.

This week: win a free Ultiworld disc, just for sending in a great question, comment, or idea.

GIF: Michigan’s Noah Backer Gets The Game-Sealing Block

Here’s a fitting end to the work week: another look at Michigan’s Noah Backer getting the huge block to set up the game winning score in the finals of Easterns. Read more →

Letter To The Editor: Girls Ultimate Movement

Mike Lovinguth, the Manager of Education and Youth programs at USA Ultimate, sent this letter to Ultiworld about the vision and purpose of the new Girls Ultimate Movement that we published about yesterday. Read more →

Is A 6 Bid Northwest Region Bad For Women’s College Ultimate?

Lindsey Hack, the coach of the North Carolina women’s team, started a great conversation on Facebook with this post:

“The NW with 6 bids is just bad for women’s college ultimate. Yes, great for the NW. Bad for the entire division. Well earned? Not Really.”

Check out the conversation that followed. Read more →

Wisconsin Coach Hector Valdivia On Pro/Club Schism

Wisconsin Hodag coach Hector Valdivia (also a player for the AUDL’s Madison Radicals) took to Twitter last night with some very interesting thoughts on the club and semi-pro landscape. Check out what he had to say. Read more →