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Madcow Gets Mad After Oakland Skips Last Game Of Tourney

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We got this email in our inbox after the weekend from Madcow’s Nate Botti. It is posted below, lightly edited.


Madcow is attempting to get the word out about something that happened over the weekend while in Pittsburgh for a one-day round robin tournament.

Sadly it was one of the worst displays of spirit or sportsmanship that I personally have seen in my years playing Ultimate. Madcow, along with a few other teams, traveled to Pittsburgh on Saturday for a round robin. To preface this, it was a tournament put together and hosted by Oakland Ultimate to get every team a few extra sanctioned games in case any team thought they might be close to not getting their ten sanctioned games in. The schedule was set for pool play that would lead into a championship game between the two teams with the best record.

Well, after beating Zebra Mussels, losing to Oakland, and beating Dire Wolf, Madcow walked all of their stuff back over to the field where Oakland was playing. We were sitting in the shade as Oakland finished their game when three of their players came over to tell us that they were going to forfeit the last game of the day. Their reasoning: they were tired and didn’t have enough players. We counted at least 21 players fully cleated up and playing at the end of their previous game. Not to mention, it was THEIR tournament, and they had played three games (two of which were against significantly lesser opponents) and it was ONE DAY. It’s not like they were worried about saving legs for Sunday.

Madcow drove 4 hours from Columbus, not to mention the number of out of town players we have (Indianapolis, Louisville, Toledo, Cleveland, Cincinnati) that drove additional distances to get to Columbus before driving to Pittsburgh. We were invited to come to this in good faith that we were guaranteed four sanctioned games, two of which would be against a Nationals caliber team. EVEN if you’re tired and don’t have the legs for a last game, you would think they’d have the courtesy to give it a whirl. Run around a bit, even if they get killed, they at least held up their end of the bargain, because AFTER ALL they were the ones that invited everyone there. [Ed. note: Madcow did get credited for a forfeit win.]

My goal in writing this is not to be angry or hold a grudge, but to attempt to save other people time and money before ever trusting that this group of individuals would ever hold themselves to the same standards that most of the Ultimate community would.

It’s just a real bummer to see that this new ranking system has inspired these guys to find a whole new way of choosing winning over Spirit of the Game.

Oh, and they were so tired that they stayed up all night tweeting the scores of their whole team’s flip cup games, while we were sitting in our cars driving back to Columbus…. *(Not that I have any problems with flip cup)

UPDATE (8/23): Oakland responds to Skyd.

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  • Ultimate

    Oakland never had good spirit to begin with, I don’t know any teams that make as many calls and argue as much as they do.

  • Jordan

    Worth noting that forfeit wins or losses have no effect on the rankings, so Oakland basically got a free pass.

    bottom line is never take your team to Pitt for a tourney

  • Anonymous

    Hey, Dire Wolf finished their fourth game with 9 guys after having no more than 14 at any point in the day, so don’t let Oakland give all of Pittsburgh a bad rap.

  • Anon

    Yep, we finished with 9 guys. Our last game against Zebra Muscles was 9 for Dire vs. 10 for Zebra as they also only brought 14 guys and had a few injuries during the day.

  • anonymous

    Yea, what Oakland did was down right pathetic and disrespectful; everyone knows that’s who they are too. Not like madcow has much in-game spirit though, although that’s not even close to a reason for Oakland to do what they did.

  • anonymous

    with all due respect, this doesn’t seem to be an issue with spirit of the game at all. if you’re calling them jerks go ahead but don’t do it hiding behind the mask of saying its bad spirit. also, are you saying you’ve never forfeited a game? ultimate teams do it all the time. besides, you’d already played them earlier the same day. honestly seems to me you’re just using this little instance as a way to get out your grudge against a team. which is “down right pathetic and disrespectful”, in my opinion.

    • anonymous

      Are you serious? if you look at the score reporter their game before was very close(within 2 points) the game could have gone either way. Also I definitely do not agree that “ultimate teams do it all the time” I have been playing for years and have never forfeited and never seen a tournament where a team would forfeit the championship match.

      just because you say “with all due respect” doesnt mean you can be an idoit

  • Yoda

    Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

    • Fuck George Lucas

      George Lucas involvement leads to Yoda losing all of his coolness.

  • Allen

    Is being a jerk not bad spirit? Did I miss something? Isn’t the contention that they forfeited a game they were concerned they would lose to avoid taking a hit in the rankings? That seems like poor sportsmanship to me, especially given that they hosted the tournament.

    Sounds like you are “down right pathetic and disrespectful” for suggesting this was not a legitimate complaint…with all due respect of course.

  • Pat Every

    Who cares?

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  • ma4life

    Oakland is my favorite team since Roots of Rhythm disbanded :( and to be fair, rob dulbone can only play two games max, per weekend.

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  • karma?

    Not sure how many Ohio guys are on Madcow..but isn’t dropping out to save your record reminiscent of Ohio’s college season?? Sucks to suck

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  • Fed Up

    To say that what Ohio did is even close to on par with what Oakland is doing here is purely wrong. Oakland invited out of towners to THEIR tournament on the promise that there would be 4 games (which will help teams get the required 10) and then forfeited! Now if a day of one of the bigger tournaments has a day or two rained out it is possible that Mad Cow does not get their required games. Ohio had a bid put in a to a tournament when they already qualified for nationals and then pulled it out. It’s not like they were taking games away from people, or even really rankings. Since the Chi town invite is after the three majors those teams that were complaining should have had their nationals bid locked up by then, it was their fault. In this situation Mad Cow is just getting screwed over, through no fault of their own.

  • Timber

    Madcow criticizing another team for poor spirit?…..ha

  • Hurisubi

    #Whitman Centex 2012

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