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Ultiworld Interview: Southpaw

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Ultiworld talked to Southpaw captain Trey Katzenbach at the Chesapeake Invite this past weekend. Trey discussed the changes the team is going through while moving to club after playing in the AUDL as the Philadelphia Spinners.  We also asked Trey how starting the club season late has affected them and what their goals are for the Chesapeake Invite.

Check out all of our Chesapeake Invite coverage here.

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  • Dave-HammerFakes

    That was a nice interview. Southpaw is a great team and I think it is really interesting that Lucas and Isaiah from the Constitution are playing on their team as well.

  • Ariel Jackson

    It’s been difficult to hear the people being interviewed in some of the other videos posted, but it’s no surprise that Trey comes through loud and clear.

    I was a little skeptical about this site at first, but the work has been good and timely. Nice job, ultiworld!

    2 suggestions: A recent-comments list would be helpful to keep track of the discussion and the trackbacks should be listed separately, not as comments. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

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