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Full Game Footage Of The 2012 Northeast Regional Finals: Ironside v. GOAT

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Boston’s Ironside, the nation’s number one ranked team, faced off against Toronto’s GOAT in the finals of the Northeast Regionals on Sunday.

The game started out with Ironside firing on all cylinders with no offensive line turnovers, leading to a solid 8-5 halftime lead. The second half saw a much more fired up GOAT, who started to make plays on both sides of the disc. Strong defense and excellent D line offense, which capitalized on Ironside miscues, would send them to a 10-8 lead. GOAT would nab another break setting up a GOAT game point.

After Jeff Lindquist caught a huck in the endzone, GOAT thought they had sealed the huge upset victory. But a foul was called for obstruction, which was upheld by the Observer, resulting in a GOAT turnover. It would completely throw off their rhythm and they let the game slip through their fingers as Ironside scored five straight to win the game 16-14.

Check out the full video below and our written recap of the Ironside/GOAT final with more details from the game. We joined the game after a quick Ironside offensive score.

Special thanks to Cori Huang and the Bent women’s team for helping us get this game footage on time!

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  • Ian

    You guys are just killing it with all of this great full game coverage. From ECC to Regionals, it’s been awesome to have this much free access. Keep up the awesome work.

  • kepner

    god awful first few minutes to watch. i understand elite ultimate is a different caliber, but it’s brutal watching all these throwaways and drops by the tops in the game today. granted, it’s not the theme of the entire footage, but it makes me think how hard it is to turn novice viewers or strangers on to the athleticism and amazement of our sport, when a game can’t be played cleanly for very long at all.

    • Tim

      I don’t like when people say that they expect elite ultimate to not have terrible turnovers. Sloppy play happens in all sports at the “elite” levels. Look at this play by the Houston Astros: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PXj8m4yZyo&feature=related

      I’ve seen pro sports games from the big 4 (bball, baseball, football, and hockey) have some real ugly stretches. Does it hurt the watchability-sure, in that moment it does-but I’m not gonna stop watching basketball because I saw 3 turnovers in a row. The good will weigh out the bad and people are smart enough to see what’s impressive about ultimate.

  • Justin Fereshetian

    The full game footage is great, so thank you very much for posting it, I love watching high level ultimate.

    After having watched the footage and the “controversial foul call” in my opinion the correct call was made. The video camera gets a pretty good perspective of the play, and I can see Lindquist with his forearm against Hatchett and as they are both vying for the disc he is essentially pushing Hatchett away from the disc. While GOAT must be really frustrated about this call and the outcome of this game, they did have multiple opportunities to capitalize after this play, but a lot of sloppy throws kept them out of it. But on the bright side for GOAT, they still earned a spot to Sarasota, so while they would’ve loved to be the #1 seed from the Northeast, they are still in the mix. Once again thanks for the footage! It’s great!

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