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All Australian Players Required To Take Rules Test Before Nationals

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The logo of Australian Ultimate.In what may be a first for Ultimate, every Australian player intending to compete at the 2013 Australian Ultimate Championships will be required to take the rules accreditation test prepared by the World Flying Disc Federation, according to Force Sideline, an Australian ultimate news website. In addition, six players from each team must also pass the “advanced” level.

Force Sideline adds: “A lack of rules knowledge is a real Achilles heal of the self-officiated model…The rules accreditation system is clearly a step in the direction of aiming to make the sport stronger and decrease the downside associated with self officiating.”

Most ultimate governing bodies in other countries require at least one team representative pass a rules test (including in the United States). But that doesn’t always translate into good rules knowledge during the game. At high-level tournaments here in North America, we do have the benefits of observers (who, at least theoretically, know all the rules), but issues remain.

The WFDF test is not arduous — you have to correctly answer just 8 out of 10 (and the test is open book). But it does require you to know some important distinctions.

It will be interesting to see if something similar comes to other WFDF countries — and possibly to North America.

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  • Craig

    Force Sideline adds: “A lack of rules knowledge is a real Achilles heal of the self-officiated model… “(that and “bad eggs” that can’t hack losing)” was missing from the quote. “Can’t hack losing” types are players that can end up becoming “wanting to win at any costs” players. It is important to teach that winning is not everything. The joy should come from playing, not winning. Winning is just an ego boost.

  • Chip

    I really like this move by australia… and I’d really like to see it used by USAU as well especially for the u-23 and lower teams.

  • Geoff

    What are the chances that this rules test can be posted here or we can get a link? I’d be curious to see what it looks like.

    • Paolo Chiappin


  • http://www.facebook.com/brummie49 Sion Scone

    FYI, The GB World Games training squad will all require Advanced accreditation to be eligible for selection for the team that goes to Cali. Rules knowledge at the highest level must be excellent if we want Ultimate to be a true showcase event at the World Games.

    Really good move from AFDA, let’s hope others can follow.

  • LRod

    Colombia´s AJUC has been doing it for three years, this year will be the 4th time. We are a much younger community than other more traditional ones, so we expect than by tackling this issue earlier we can guarantee a positive-well regulated development.

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