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Stanford Invite Video Package Now Available

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Stanford Invite 2013 Tournament Package.Thanks to feedback from users, we will now be making our full game footage available for purchase as a tournament package, as well as by the individual game. We are starting with the Stanford Invite.

Get access to all of Ultiworld’s full game footage from the Stanford Invite for one low price. With high-quality 1080p video filmed from a high sideline angle, you’ll enjoy 9 full games, crisply edited to eliminate stoppages.

When you buy the package, you will receive a PDF download confirming your purchase. Within 12 hours (but usually sooner — within an hour during business hours) Ultiworld will then email you instructions and a unique coupon code to download the games at your leisure as they become available.

Buy it here:


You’ll get the following games:


Pittsburgh v. Texas A&M (Pool Play)
Texas v. UNC-Wilmington (Pool Play)
Pittsburgh v. North Carolina (Pool Play) [NOW AVAILABLE]
Stanford v. Carleton (Pool Play) — note: missing first 3 points
Oregon v. Arizona (Prequarters)
Oregon v. Wisconsin (Quarterfinals)
Tufts v. Oregon (Semifinals)


British Columbia v. Oregon (Semifinals)
Oregon v. Wisconsin (Finals) [NOW AVAILABLE]

We currently have two games available, but should have 5-6 by the end of the weekend and everything up by early next week.

Here’s a free preview of the Pittsburgh v. UNC game to give you a sense of the quality of the footage. Remember: you will receive a full 1080p HD download for every game.

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  • Titus Tradewell

    So, with the exception of the UNC-Pitt game, we cannot buy games separately or preview footage of each game? Or, will the games be available separately as they become uploaded? I’m confused, but it’s Friday.

    • http://www.ultiworld.com/ Charlie Eisenhood

      Sorry for the confusion. Games will still be able to be purchased separately as usual.

      If you buy the package, you will get a unique code that allows you to download each of the games for free once they are available and posted.

      There will be separate previews for each game if you’re curious. We were in the same location, though, so there’s only slight variation based on the sun’s position in the sky.

      • Titus Tradewell

        Noted, thanks. Any chance you guys will get any footage from Centex? Some loophole?

        • http://www.ultiworld.com/ Charlie Eisenhood

          We tried our hardest, but the Longhorn Network won’t budge. No video allowed.

          • Titus Tradewell

            Bummer. What’s the likelihood that Centex’s decline in elite teams is attributed to video coverage increasing at the other elite tournaments?

  • Alex

    Can we buy just single games, or do you have to buy the whole package?

    • http://www.ultiworld.com/ Charlie Eisenhood

      You can definitely buy single games. They are available in the video store — just click the video tab in the navigation bar at the top of the site.

      • Alex

        I’m looking at the page, and the only two options I see are the tournament package and Pitt/UNC. Can you send me a direct link to the page where I can buy the Oregon/Arizona game?

      • Alex

        I don’t see an option to buy any single games except Pitt/UNC. Can you get me the URL to purchase the Arizona/Oregon game?


        • http://www.ultiworld.com/ Charlie Eisenhood

          We’ll be posting full games this weekend and early next week. AZ/Oregon isn’t up yet. Check in on Monday!

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