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Semi-Pro Update: The Latest Signings & More

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AUDL v. MLU.News from Major League Ultimate and the American Ultimate Disc League continues to trickle out over the offseason. Here is a collection of the latest news and updates from each of the semi-professional leagues.

- AUDL Commissioner Steve Gordon and MLU’s DC Current Executive VP Mark Evangelisto have thoughts up in the latest issue of High Release about the business of ultimate.

- The MLU’s Boston Whitecaps just re-signed the outstanding Jeff Graham, following in Danny Clark’s footsteps.

- The AUDL’s Seattle Raptors signed Grant Zukowski, who played last year for the Windy City Wildfire.

- The MLU’s DC Current signed Peter Prial, who played last year with the Whitecaps. He has relocated to Washington, D.C. for graduate school.

- The MLU’s Philadelphia Spinners added four experienced Pittsburgh players: Pat Earles, Marcus Ranii-Dropcho, Aaron Watson, and Trent Dillon (returning).

- Other MLU re-signings: Eli Friedman (Portland Stags), Ben Faust (New York Rumble).

- Both leagues are in the full swing of tryouts and combines. Refer to team websites for more information.

Correction: An earlier version of this article said Grant Zukowski was the Seattle Raptors’ coach. He is a player, not the coach.

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  • Bob

    Does the MLU really think it’s interesting to anyone that teams are resigning their old players? It’s interesting when people switch teams, or leagues, or you sign some brand new studs, not when the people everyone expected to play again come back to the same team.

    • anon

      You found it interesting enough to comment on it.

  • None

    Who is Grant Zukowski?

  • John

    Can we please stop using “Signing” with these announcements? Thanks.

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