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  1. Pitt Assistant Coach David Hogan Talks Easterns, Being #1

    Pitt's assistant coach breaks down Easterns and Pitt's season so far.

  2. Centex 2015: Tournament Recap (Men’s)

    Here's what went down in Austin.

  3. SAVAGE 2015 Late Season Women’s Division Coaches Poll

    Top coaches pick the best teams in the country.

  4. Savage 2015 Late Season Men’s Division Coaches Poll

    Top coaches pick the best teams in the country.

  5. USA Ultimate: Cincinnati Withdrawal “Very Disappointing,” But Direct Action Unlikely

    USA Ultimate responds to the Cincinnati/Huck Finn situation.

  6. Cincinnati Drops Out Of Huck Finn, Will Likely Earn 2nd Bid For Ohio Valley

    Cincinnati is done for the regular season. That likely means two bids for the Ohio Valley.

  7. Photo Gallery: Women’s Centex 2015

    A gloriously muddy photo set from Women's Centex!

  8. Deep Look: Stanford Invite, Centex, & WCBU Recap With Evan Lepler

    The College Division is really taking shape in March, and play-by-play commentator Evan Lepler joins Charlie to talk WCBU in this week's podcast.

  9. The Splash Brothers: Texas A&M’s Matt Bennett And Dalton Smith Are Shattering Defenses

    When Texas A&M’s Matt Bennett and Dalton Smith leave their shared dorm room to get in a throwing session, you’re not going to see them sticking to the template, throwing fifty backhands and fifty forehands. “We don’t really practice conventional throws,” said Smith. “It’s more of something you would not really recommend to someone to...

  10. Pittsburgh Top Men’s Club Teams — Temper And Dire Wolf — Merging In 2015

    Pittsburgh becomes the latest city to unify its top club teams.

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