Past Articles from Peter Adam

Peter Adam is a recent graduate of the University of Western Australia, living and playing in Perth between knee injuries. He has played since 2008 and spends his professional life as a corporate advisory analyst in the worlds most isolated capital city.

  1. Choking: What It Is & How To Avoid It

    Just as the college season comes to a close in the United States, the Australian University season is kicking here in the Southern Hemisphere. The first step for many teams is to look back to last year and identify areas where they can improve to take one step further this season. For my old team,...

  2. Thin-Slicing: The Power Of Simplifying In-Game Decision Making

    “The power of knowing, in that first two seconds, is not a gift given magically to a fortunate few. It is an ability that we can all cultivate for ourselves” – Malcolm Gladwell, Blink (16). Earlier this year, Glenn Poole wrote an article about how handlers could employ a mental technique called the checkdown to...

  3. Stress Spikes: The Impact Of Fitness On Decision Making

    Towards the end of 2011, I watched my university team lose the semi-final of the Australian University Games. I say I watched, because although I was on the team, I didn’t play a single point. I wasn’t a bad player, but I lacked the athleticism to make defensive plays and, despite playing for four years...

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