Past Articles in Analysis

  1. Caffeine: A Legal Performance Enhancing Drug

    If you were to rifle through almost any of my teammate’s bags–or even mine, for that matter–there’s a good chance you’d find performance-enhancing drugs. I promise we’re not cheating, though: every other team uses (and, often, relies on) the same drug: caffeine. Believe it or not, there’s little scientific question that caffeine is an effective...

  2. High Tide’s Mission Is To Grow Ultimate And Christianity Over Spring Break. Can It Do Both?

    This week marks the fourth and final week of High Tide 2015. Is it more than just a party tournament?

  3. Latest USAU Rankings Released: NW Women’s Sitting At 6 Bids, SE Men’s Down To 4

    Here are the latest USA Ultimate rankings, released 3/17/15. MEN’S DIVISION IF THE SEASON ENDED TODAY Regional bid allocation would be: Southeast – 4 Northwest – 3 South Central – 3 Atlantic Coast – 2 North Central – 2 Ohio Valley – 2 Great Lakes – 1 Metro East – 1 New England – 1...

  4. What It Feels Like: How Washington Turned Its Season Around

    By the time April arrived, the 2014 Washington Element season was beginning to feel like a slow-motion train wreck. What had started as a season of excitement and high expectations had moved past the standard “every season has rough spots” phase and into the “it might be time for us to rethink why we are...

  5. Lessons From The First Half Of The College Season, Powered by Agility from Five Ultimate

    Cody Johnston examines whether UNCW still deserves its bad rep, how UMass' zone allowed them to defeat UNC, and more.

  6. 2015 Rookie Of The Year Watchlist: A Midseason Look

    Here are some of the standout rookies from the 2015 season so far.

  7. 2015 Women’s College Player Of The Year Watchlist: Post-Stanford Edition

    Here is the latest on the 2015 Player of the Year race.

  8. Stanford Invite 2015: Tournament Recap (Men’s)

    The Stanford Invite opened up some thrilling new storylines headed into the later part of the regular season.

  9. 2015 Men’s College Player Of The Year Watchlist: Post-Stanford Edition

    Here is the latest on the 2015 Player of the Year race.

  10. Basic Concepts Of Person Defense In 42 Seconds

    During the Denver Johnny Bravo v. Boston Ironside National Championships final last fall, on a Bravo D point with Denver leading 9-8, Ironside handler Matt Rebholz called a foul following contact with Bravo defender Matty Farrell. Farrell wasn’t happy about the foul call and appeared to contest but an observer stepped in to immediately issue...

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