Past Articles in Analysis

  1. Scandal’s Winning Strategy: Three Theories, Powered By Agility From Five Ultimate

    A weak regular season didn't stop Scandal from dominating the postseason. What happened?

  2. The 2015 Club Season Mega-Preview: Women’s Division

    The Women’s Club division had quite the offseason, setting us up for a 2015 season filled to the brim with storylines. One of the faces of the game is on move, a legend cut retirement short to return to her star-studded team, and one of the premier women from outside the division has joined its...

  3. Rachel Habbert Wins The 2015 True Veteran Award

    There is a cliché found throughout sports broadcasting that certain athletes “play the game the right way.” These rhetorical paragons, whether they play basketball or water polo, are generally hard working veterans with a respect for the sanctity of the game. They are rarely flashy on the field, and often classy off of it. Their...

  4. Emily Baecher Wins The 2015 Michelle Ng Inspiration Award

    Today Ultiworld is proud to help announce the inaugural Michelle Ng Inspiration Award. This award, along with the True Veteran Award, will be given out at the beginning of every club season. Both awards were established and funded by Mike Lawler, a longtime women’s ultimate coach. The Michelle Ng Inspiration Award will be awarded to women who have...

  5. 2014 Club Game of the Year: Breaking Down GOAT v. Johnny Bravo, Powered by Agility from Five Ultimate

    Should GOAT have been in the 2014 National Championship game? Coming off their huge upset over Revolver in the quarterfinals (the actual game of the year — of which there is no video), GOAT took on the other tournament favorite, Johnny Bravo, in the semifinals at Nationals. That game hasn’t been discussed or viewed as...

  6. Ideal Cooler Contents For An Ultimate team

    The best foods to keep on hand for optimal tournament performance.

  7. The Forehand: Part 3

    This is the third part in a four part series on the forehand. So far, this series has focused almost entirely on reviewing other resources for learning and improving the forehand. While I’ll continue to discuss other resources in this part, we’ll be moving more into the realm of guidance and advice here. One of...

  8. The 2015 Club Season Mega-Preview: Men’s Division

    It's going to be a fun year.

  9. The Best Bodyweight Exercises For Throwing Farther

    Add distance to your hucks with these great exercises.

  10. Train Your Brain For Quickness And Agility

    As the club regular season gets underway and your focus transitions to your speed and quickness, one of the most important elements of these abilities is your reaction time. Traditional speed exercises don’t necessarily have reactivity built into them. Often they will start with a “gunshot” type cue (or someone yelling “go”), but beyond that, there is...

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