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  1. Basic Concepts Of Person Defense In 42 Seconds

    During the Denver Johnny Bravo v. Boston Ironside National Championships final last fall, on a Bravo D point with Denver leading 9-8, Ironside handler Matt Rebholz called a foul following contact with Bravo defender Matty Farrell. Farrell wasn’t happy about the foul call and appeared to contest but an observer stepped in to immediately issue...

  2. Latest USAU Rankings Announced: Bid Picture Starting To Come Into Focus

    The latest USA Ultimate College Rankings are live; here's why they are starting to matter.

  3. How Observers And Referees Make The Game’s Toughest Calls

    How can you determine what's a strip and what's a hand block?

  4. Off-Season: It’s Time To Get Strong

    The offseason is the time to add base level strength.

  5. USAU Announces First Rankings Of College Season

    The annual tradition of USAU’s first college season rankings began earlier than usual, with a release this Tuesday. As has been the recent trend, a few undefeated records have launched some unexpected teams high into the lists. But with the gauntlet now thrown, teams and their respective regions begin to get an idea of what...

  6. Dylan Freechild And Give-And-Go Moves: Video Analysis Powered by Agility from Five Ultimate

    Dylan Freechild has carved out a unique style in college ultimate with his give-and-go attacking mentality.

  7. What Can Ultimate Learn From The Growth Of Other Alternative Sports?

    Alternative sports are exploding -- can ultimate catch up with lacrosse and rugby?

  8. Veteran Youth Coach Already Finding Success At Washington

    In many sports, there is a clear path to a prestigious head coaching position. You pay your dues as an assistant or a high school coach, then maybe you get an offensive or defensive coordinator job, then, just maybe, you earn the head coaching gig. It seems only appropriate, then, that such a path might...

  9. No Mark Zones, Double Handler Coverage, And Other Unconventional Styles From The 2014 Japan Open Final

    Japanese ultimate looks very different to the game played in other areas of the world. The 2014 Japan Open final — recently posted on YouTube — shows off some of these features. Given that many Western teams play a very similar style, the opportunity to analyse a different approach to the game is well worth the...

  10. 2015 College Player Of The Year Watchlist: Early Favorites

    Keith Raynor and Charlie Eisenhood run down the Player of the Year field at the start of the 2015 season.

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