Past Articles in Analysis

  1. UNC’s Strong Gameplan Carries Them Back To Final

    UNC's defensive adjustments have stumped their opponents all weekend.

  2. Semifinals Victory Was A Long Time Coming For Oregon

    After three straight years of disappointment, heartbreak, and hard questions in the semifinals, it finally happened for Oregon. While conventional wisdom says that the third time is the charmed one, it took four tries for Oregon Ego to earn a win in the semifinals and reach the championship game at Nationals. It has been a...

  3. Oregon’s Pace Too Much For UBC: Semifinals Recap, Presented By Ultimate Central

    Oregon dispatched UBC to reach the finals as the favorite.

  4. Could Texas A&M or FSU Win It All? Video Analysis Powered by Agility from Five Ultimate

    Preseason, there was talk of a big four in college ultimate: Pitt, UNC, Oregon, and UNC-W. Throughout the regular season, FSU and Texas A&M have proven themselves as the two teams that belong in that same conversation. But do they really have the style and players to play in the finals?

  5. Natties by the Numbers: Statistical Facts About D-I Nationals

    Here are some key statistics about the¬†College Championships, mostly about the Women’s Division. Importance of Pool Play The format of D1 Nationals has been consistent since the field was expanded to 20 teams in 2009. One question that always intrigues: how important is pool play in this format? The first observation is obvious: you need...

  6. Rematch Ready: How #1 Oregon Edged #2 Stanford, Powered by Agility from Five Ultimate

    The two top seeds in women's college ultimate, Oregon Fugue and Stanford Superfly, could meet again in the National Championship. We breakdown the video from the the match between these squads at the Stanford Invite earlier this season.

  7. Why Four Bids Wasn’t Enough: The Southeast’s Rise

    The Southeast is bid-rich. Should they have had even more than four?

  8. Dissecting Oregon’s Deep Ho Stack, Powered By Agility From Five Ultimate

    Oregon has adapted their offense to their short bench.

  9. The Forehand: Part I

    Kyle Weisbrod begins a four-part series on the forehand.

  10. Keys To Strength & Conditioning Leading Up To Tryouts, Presented By SAVAGE Ultimate

    Tapering properly is vital to a great tryout performance.

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