Past Articles in Analysis

  1. The Top 10 Toughest Men’s Division Pools In Club Nationals History

    Ranking the most treacherous pools in Men's Club history.

  2. Jimmy Mickle Leads The State Of Colorado To Banner Year

    Jimmy Mickle won the trifecta: College Championship, Callahan award, and Club Championship.

  3. Undefeated Bravo Winning With More Than Talent

    Denver Johnny Bravo spent all season preparing to take down San Francisco Revolver. As the opening pull went up in the quarterfinal round yesterday here in Frisco, spectators, players, the Ultiworld staff in attendance assumed that Bravo would beat Washington D.C. Truck Stop and meet Revolver after they in turn dealt with Toronto GOAT. That...

  4. Ironside’s Improved Defense Fuels Run To Finals

    In 2013, Boston Ironside met Seattle Sockeye in the semifinals of the Club Championships. In that game, their defense converted only two of six break opportunities. They lost by one. On Saturday, Ironside found themselves in another semifinal matchup, this time against Raleigh Ring of Fire. In a highly contested battle between the clubs, Boston’s defense...

  5. Same Exact Script: Scandal Dominates Semifinals Again

    Scandal turned in an incredible defensive performance against Brute Squad in the semifinals, just like 2013 all over again.

  6. Buying Into The Ring of Fire

    This is the 25th year of Ring of Fire’s existence. Overlooked. Ignored. Dismissed. The team from Raleigh hasn’t been picked by anyone to be a real contender. They come from a part of the country that hasn’t traditionally been known for its ultimate. They lack big names and big headlines. And yet, on the twenty-fourth...

  7. The Top 5 Backfields In The Men’s Division

    Which pair of players constitute the best back field in ultimate?

  8. San Francisco Fury: 2014 Club Championships Preview

    After seven straight title defense campaigns, Fury's become just another challenger to the throne. Their season has been tougher than most during their run. Find out if they can make it back to the top.

  9. Instant Reaction: Mixed Nationals Pools

    Alec Surmani breaks down the Mixed Division seeding and pools at the 2014 National Championships.

  10. Instant Reaction: Women’s Nationals Pools

    Keith Raynor gives his initial thoughts on the 2014 Club Championship pools for the Women's Division

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