Past Articles in Analysis

  1. I Believe That We Will Riot: Flexibility, Fundamentals, and Fire, Powered by Agility from Five Ultimate

    Tenacity and precision in executing systems are two elements frequently tied to consistent success in Ultimate. See how recent WUCC champion Seattle Riot manages to do both.

  2. The Offensive Machine: 3 Simple Plays From Chicago, Powered by Agility from Five Ultimate

    Chicago Machine has been the surprise of the 2014 season with big wins at the Pro Flight Finale and Chesapeake Invite. It's been the simple offense leading the way.

  3. Hydration Tips And Information Athletes Need To Know

    Kate Schlag, Ultiworld's nutrition columnist, goes in depth about optional hydration and avoiding cramps.

  4. Move the Disc! How Sockeye Keeps Opponents Off-Balance, Powered by Agility from Five Ultimate

    There's a lot of reasons to keep the disc moving quickly, but no one does it better than Seattle Sockeye. In this video analysis article, presented by Agility from Five Ultimate, Ultiworld looks at the effects Sockeye's setup has on marks, hucks, disc movement, resets and endzone offense. It's all connected!

  5. Madison Club Makes The Statement Win Of The Season With Upset Of Machine At Heavyweights

    Madison Club lost three of its best players to Chicago Machine this offseason. They got the last laugh on Sunday.

  6. DC Current Flood Stack Offense: Video Breakdown Powered by Agility from Five Ultimate

    The DC Current, recent MLU Champions, saw great success partially as a result of their new offense, adapted specifically for the width of the field and the personnel of DC. This so-called “flood stack” offense may initially appear to be a simple vertical or even side stack; however, DC intelligently and uniquely uses the position…

  7. The Physics Behind Throwing in the Wind – Part II

    Hucking into the wind is hard. But understanding the physics of throwing a disc can help you carve out an advantage.

  8. Riot Worlds Win Confirms The End Of The Fury Era

    Fury has dominated the Women's Division for years. But their reign has come to an end.

  9. Breaking Down the No Dump Vertical Stack, Powered by Agility from Five Ultimate

    Continuing our club video breakdown series, powered by Agility from Five Ultimate, we look at the no dump verticial stack. Standard vertical stacks often employ two handlers and five cutters downfield. But some teams run six person stacks with completely empty backfields, a formation decision that has implications for both the resets and overall offensive flow.

  10. Video Scouting Report on the Buzz Bullets, Powered by Agility from Five Ultimate

    Japan’s number one men’s club is likely to make a strong run in Lecco. They won Club World’s (WUCC) in 2006 and came 3rd in 2010, losing only once to Revolver. Buzz are one of the most popular teams in the world, amazing people with the speed of their play, outrageous catches and stifling zone…

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