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  1. Boston Back On Top: 2014 Northeast Regional Recap

    Ironside regained pole position in the Northeast; GOAT and PoNY also qualified.

  2. Bravo Wins Epic Final Over Doublewide As Both Qualify: 2014 South Central Regional Recap

    The highly-anticipated matchup between Johnny Bravo and Doublewide was just as exciting as billed.

  3. Ring Wins Title As Chain Avoids Disaster: 2014 Southeast Regionals Recap

    After a stunning upset of Chain Lightning on Saturday, the Southeast went from hum-drum to scintillating in an instant.

  4. A Weekend of Firsts: Ozone Wins SE While Tabby Rosa Punches Ticket

    Southeast Women's Regionals featured a first time champion and the women's division's only true underdog story come true. It was a dramatic weekend filled with losses and late game excitement.

  5. Truck, Temper Land Big Punches, Bids: 2014 Mid-Atlantic Regional Recap

    Truck Stop blew out Temper. Then Temper blew out Garden State. Low drama, but some big takeaways.

  6. The Nationals Field

    A list of the 48 teams headed to Frisco, TX, for the 2014 National Championships.

  7. Nationals Qualifying Results Thread

    Here are the top line results from this weekend’s slate of Regionals. Less than three weeks until the National Championships! For last week’s results, go here. MID-ATLANTIC Men’s 1. Washington DC Truck Stop (15-7 over Pittsburgh Temper) 2. Pittsburgh Temper (15-4 over New Jersey Garden State Ultimate) Women’s 1. Washington DC Scandal (15-9 Philadelphia Green...

  8. Saturday Regionals Roundup: Who Is Omen Edition

    A recap of Saturday's Regionals play.

  9. Bent v. Capitals Redux: 2014 Northeast Regional Preview (Women’s)

    With just two bids for three strong teams, Northeast Women's Regionals has shades of 2012, when Bent was sent home early.

  10. Two Bid Madness: 2014 Northeast Regional Preview (Mixed)

    The Northeast Mixed region has been flush with bids for years. But with just two spots in Frisco in 2014, which teams will rise to the occasion?

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