Past Articles in News

  1. Women’s Ultimate Roundup: What You Missed & What’s Coming Up

    What a week for Women's ultimate.

  2. Mexican Team To Compete In USAU Series For First Time Since 2005

    Can Fenix Ultimate make it to Regionals?

  3. Santa Maria Sinks: A New Women’s Team And A Shakeup In The Great Lakes

    Santa Maria, the Pro Flight mixed team out of Columbus, Ohio, will not be fielding a squad for the 2015 club season, after being unable to make the commitment to USAU’s Pro Flight standards. Santa Maria’s dissolution shakes up an already volatile Great Lakes mixed region, while the exodus of its players will also have an...

  4. Fury’s Early Lead Holds Up Against Riot In Solstice Finals

    Fury took round one of the classic rivalry game.

  5. Around the AUDL: Playoff Scenarios Preview

    Since last Friday’s installment of Deep Look, a lot of action has occurred the AUDL with big playoff implications. Check out our recap of last weekend’s action and a preview of the AUDL postseason scenarios. EAST In the East division, Toronto cemented its lead at the top with a commanding win over third-placed Montreal, 24-18. After that loss,...

  6. Women’s “NexGen Tour” Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

    A traveling women's college all-star team could make the rounds in July and August.

  7. ‘Flying Disc’ Fails To Make Shortlist For 2020 Olympics

    There's always 2024.

  8. Ultiworld Club Video Subscriptions Now On Sale

    Get your subscription now and save!

  9. College Championships’ ESPNU Ratings Not Budging In Third Year

    Ultimate's TV ratings have been underwhelming.

  10. WFDF Applies To Get ‘Flying Disc’ Into 2020 Olympics

    Ultimate has a non-negligible chance at being in the Olympics in just five years.

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