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  1. 2016 Team USA Tryout Attendees Selected

    Here are the players that will compete for a chance to represent the US at the World Ultimate and Guts Championships.

  2. Payne Resigns As USAU Board Prez, Deanna Ball Elected; Additional Changes Come To Board

    Mike Payne, a long-time board member for USA Ultimate, has resigned as President of the Board after four years in the role, USAU announced yesterday. DeAnna Ball, who was elected to the Board by USAU members in 2013, was chosen by the current board as the new President after serving as the Vice President this...

  3. Classic City Classic 2015: Tournament Recap (Men’s)

    A full wrap of CCC, the fall's cornerstone Men's tournament.

  4. UMass Steamrolls Texas A&M In CCC Title Game

    UMass was unstoppable on Sunday in Athens.

  5. Classic City Classic 2015: Tournament Preview (Men’s)

    Every year, it seems, the college season starts a little earlier. By this point in the fall, most top teams have selected their 2016 roster, started to set the foundations of the offense and defense, and look ahead to the spring. First, though, comes the Classic City Classic. The most anticipated tournament of the fall,...

  6. Missouri Loves Company 2015: Tournament Recap (Men’s)

    The weather was beautiful at MLC for a change and the ultimate was better than ever.

  7. MLU Secures Funding For 2016 Season, Eyes Sponsorship Growth

    The MLU commits to the long haul.

  8. Wisconsin Rolls Past Carleton To Undefeated Weekend At MLC

    Wisconsin was the deepest team in Columbia, and they rode that depth to an undefeated weekend.

  9. Missouri Loves Company 2015: Tournament Preview (Women’s)

    Missouri Loves Company is still a fall tournament, but it can be a harbinger of spring success.

  10. New USAU College Guidelines Include ‘Cincinnati Rule’ And ‘Tulane Rule’

    What do you think of these rule changes?

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