Past Articles in News

  1. NYC Ultimate Player Quarantined For Possible Ebola Exposure

    An NYC ultimate player is at Bellevue Hospital being monitored for Ebola symptoms.

  2. Failure To Recognize College Ultimate Teams Only Hurts Universities

    In early September, the University of Alabama held a regular meeting for the officers of club sports. Topics included the new concussion policy, club sports funding allocation system, and the use of school logos. While the first two are very important, most officers for their respective team have heard it all before, and would hear...

  3. Dynasty Days: What Is Scandal Building?

    With their second straight National Championship, has Washington D.C. Scandal started their own dynasty?

  4. Defensive-Minded Scandal Wins Back-to-Back Titles

    The championship rematch of Scandal and Fury didn't play the same as last year's, but the end result was the same.

  5. Drag’N Thrust Repeats As Mixed National Champion With Dominant Final Performance

    Drag'N Thrust cruised past Seattle Mixed to their second straight title.

  6. Johnny Bravo Wins Their First National Championship

    Johnny Bravo put the pieces together.

  7. Seattle Mixed Flies High Into Finals

    Seattle Mixed's easy-going, big-play style is mowing down the Nationals field.

  8. Johnny Bravo’s Poise Leads Them Into Finals

    The Johnny Bravo offense had ice water in its veins.

  9. Boston Ironside Avoids Collapse With Double Game Point Win Over Ring

    Ironside blew an 11-6 lead, but managed a thrilling double game point win over Ring.

  10. Fury-Riot Semi Ends One Career, Extends Another

    Two icons of ultimate are in their final moments with their respective teams.

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