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  1. Late Break Propels Drag’N Thrust To Third Straight Title

    Drag'N Thrust survived two three point deficits and clawed back late to stun Seattle Mixtape.

  2. Stifling Defense Leads Brute Squad To First-Ever Championship

    Brute Squad's defense put the game away in the first half.

  3. Revolver Wins Fourth Title With Dominant Performance Against Sockeye

    Revolver's defense slowly choked the life out of Sockeye.

  4. Revolver & Sockeye To Meet Again In Potentially Classic Final

    In an odd tournament filled with surprise upsets, formatting issues, and a sprinkling of controversy, this makes sense: Sockeye vs Revolver, for all the marbles. It’s a classic rivalry — a battle between two of the top ultimate programs over the past 10 years, and it pits two of the top fan bases and communities in...

  5. Sockeye Survives Early Ironside Surge To Reach Final

    It was a run that was as improbable as it was impressive for Boston Ironside, who were coming off of their best performance of the season en route to an unbelievable eighth consecutive semifinals appearance. Still, they were an underdog. Even though they were in this game a year ago, Seattle Sockeye is likewise not...

  6. Tables Turned: Brute Squad Overpowers Molly Brown In Semifinal

    Brute Squad found themselves in another blowout. This time, they were the ones coming out on top.

  7. Strong Start, Nearly Flawless Offense Send Revolver Back To Title Game

    San Francisco Revolver dominated Chicago Machine as they advanced to the final with a 15-11 win. Chicago Machine came into this game as a big underdog, but their play against Ring of Fire in the quarters showed potential. If they could again minimize offensive mistakes and maximize defensive pressure, they might have a chance against the powerhouse...

  8. El-Salaam Leads Mixtape To Comeback Win Over Polar Bears

    San Francisco Polar Bears seemingly did most everything right. They stayed disciplined, applied consistent defensive pressure aimed at taking away their opponent’s strengths, made mid-game adjustments, forced the other team into a bunch of bad shots, and just overall worked harder. It didn’t matter. Or to be more clear: it didn’t stop Khalif El-Salaam. Thanks...

  9. Drag’N Thrust Bides Their Time, Burns Past Slow White Back To Final

    Minneapolis advanced to their third straight National title game.

  10. Revolver Holds Mental Edge Against Machine: Semifinal Preview

    Can Machine hang in there with the overall #1 seed?

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