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  1. Forget The Regular Season: How Super Regionals Can Revive Club Ultimate

    Following the conclusion of the tempestuous Pro Flight Finale last week in Minnesota, we are now closing in on the finish of year three of the Triple Crown Tour, USA Ultimate’s attempt to improve the club regular season. It has been a bumpy ride so far, with mixed results in terms of both player feedback and...

  2. Questions And Answers About The Final Club Series Rankings

    Some reactions to the algorithm and Club Regionals bid allocation.

  3. 7 Things I Learned From The First-Ever Book About Ultimate

    In 1982, Irv Kalb and Tom “TK” Kennedy published the first-ever book about ultimate, titled “Ultimate: Fundamentals of the Sport.” As you might imagine, Kalb and Kennedy were both Hall of Fame locks, and were both enshrined in the Hall in its inaugural year, 2004. Kennedy was the founder of the Ultimate Players Association and...

  4. The Man Beneath the Fedora

    An Oregon Fugue captain shares her reflections on a coach and a friend.

  5. Projecting The 2025 Ultimate Hall Of Fame

    You may not realize it, but by August 30th the official nominations for the 2015 class of the Ultimate Hall of Fame will be due. Don’t worry if you miss the deadline and don’t get to nominate your favorite player. Because this article is about what the Hall of Fame might look like ten years...

  6. A Review Of The AUDL’s Championship Weekend

    The AUDL's 2015 Championship Weekend was one of the most ambitious ultimate showcases ever put together.

  7. Further Thoughts On The All-Star Spiking Conversation

    This post was written by Hannah Leathers. It was originally published on the All-Star Ultimate Tour blog. It has been lightly edited. Before our game against Philadelphia Green Means Go this past Sunday, the All-Stars — as a team — decided to institute new scoring celebrations. Maintaining energy after travel and little sleep was proving...

  8. One For The Dreamers: Thoughts From The All-Star Tour

    It's not just for the boys anymore.

  9. When A Spirit Timeout Can Be Effective

    Team USA crossed the line in the U23 Open final. But they reeled it back in.

  10. U23 Worlds 2015: Report Card

    Giving out grades for U23 Worlds!

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