Past Articles in Opinion

  1. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: Submitting A Proposal To The USA Ultimate Board

    A gender equity proposal was supposed to reach a USAU Board vote. But it was pulled last minute.

  2. The Complete Coach: A Tribute To Nick Kaczmarek

    Pitt coach Nick Kaczmarek is a shining example of the best kind of coach.

  3. Three Superior Team-Wide Warmup Drills

    The warm up drills you are doing might be hurting your team.

  4. A Beginner’s Guide To Ultimate Fashion

    You've got to know these keys to ultimate fashion.

  5. A 2015 Wishlist: College All-Star Game, Ambidexterity, Score Reporter App

    These five things would make 2015 ultimate that much better.

  6. Why Aren’t More People In The Hall Of Fame?

    Does the ultimate Hall of Fame need an overhaul?

  7. 16 Things I Learned Writing For Ultiworld This Year

    Tiina Booth learned a lot in her first year with Ultiworld.

  8. AUDL Team Owner: USAU And Pro Leagues Share Values, Should Cooperate

    Spirit of the Game is not restricted to self-officiated games.

  9. It Is Time For A Compromise

    The standoff between USA Ultimate and the semi-pro leagues is counterproductive.

  10. A Pseudo-Scientific Approach To Tryouts: Part One

    The Great Britain National team used benchmark athletic measures to assess players in a rigorous way.

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