1. Thursday Mailbag: Media Coverage, Best Rosters, US Open

    In this week's Mailbag, Charlie Eisenhood talks club rosters, the US Open, and media coverage of ultimate.

  2. Pro Ultimate Leagues Are Not In Danger Of A Flopping Epidemic

    The professional, refereed game has been subject to criticism because of the greater possibility of cheating and less of a moral imperative not to do so. But is there really a problem? Henry McKenna investigates.

  3. The Rich Get Richer: Talent Concentrating On Pro Flight Teams Under TCT

    The top teams in the country are getting better at the expense of Elite and Select Flight teams under the new Triple Crown Tour. Get used to it.

  4. Summer League Drafting 101

    It’s summer league season! This time of year means something different to everyone. For me, it means meeting new people, sitting in awful traffic after an exhausting day of work to get to a field site that might as well be on the moon, and imposing lofty ambitions to win the league on people who…

  5. Mailbag: College Champs, Club Predix, High School Growth

    Charlie Eisenhood talks College Championships, makes predictions for Club 2014 and College 2015, and more in this week's mailbag.

  6. 2014 College Championships Report Card

    Tiina Booth grades the 2014 College Championships after attending the event for the first time as a coach.

  7. Thursday Mailbag: College Championships Edition

    With the DIII College Championships coming up this weekend and D-I Natties now just over a week away, I’m dedicating this week’s mailbag to questions about college, the Championships, and the Callahan. Truthfully I didn’t get enough questions about college this week to fill this mailbag, so I’m making a bunch of them up! Deal…

  8. Thursday Mailbag: Redshirt Freshmen, Spirit v. Sportsmanship, Mixed Division Changes

    Mailbag! Bonus extra long edition to make up for missing last week. Q: Has USAU ever considered an injury exemption like the NCAA has an injury redshirt? Since ACL tears are so common in ultimate and if a player loses that whole season, doesn’t it seem logical that they would get to keep that year of…

  9. We Can Do Better

    Jim Parinella’s excellent article Why Can’t We All Just Get Along seemed to arrive with a touch of clairvoyance as this extremely interesting thread on reddit appeared last week about quitting ultimate. Posted by a player from a Division II University team in the UK just after Nationals, it shows some (in my eyes) fairly…

  10. 2014 DIII College Championships Seeding Predictions (Men’s)

    Here are Ultiworld’s predictions for the 2014 Men’s DIII College Championships seeding. There are many factors that go into play with Nationals seeding and no one can be sure exactly what USA Ultimate values most. Also, the lack of head-to-head matchups and mutual opponents in the DIII community makes things a bit tough to predict…

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