Past Articles in Opinion

  1. 16 Things I Learned Writing For Ultiworld This Year

    Tiina Booth learned a lot in her first year with Ultiworld.

  2. AUDL Team Owner: USAU And Pro Leagues Share Values, Should Cooperate

    Spirit of the Game is not restricted to self-officiated games.

  3. It Is Time For A Compromise

    The standoff between USA Ultimate and the semi-pro leagues is counterproductive.

  4. A Pseudo-Scientific Approach To Tryouts: Part One

    The Great Britain National team used benchmark athletic measures to assess players in a rigorous way.

  5. Mailbag: Club Parity, Time Caps, Penalties, And Profanity

    Charlie Eisenhood dips into his Club Nationals mail this week.

  6. Bigger Than The League: Is An Injured Brodie Smith Still Critical To The AUDL?

    In an anonymous column for Ultiworld, a die-hard AUDL insider offers his take on tough marketing decisions facing the league: Do you rely on the popularity of your biggest name, or do you focus on the players delivering the most on the field?

  7. Pot Brownie Incident Shines Spotlight On Legitimacy Debate

    Legitimacy. It’s the big looming cookie jar stashed high above ultimate’s reach. Just about every player and group related to ultimate wants it on some level. Who hasn’t imagined the day when you’ll no longer have to defend the act of simply referring to ultimate as a “sport”? Especially considering that, if we’re honest about...

  8. The Top 10 ‘Win the Fields’ Posts From Lou Burruss

    Lou Burruss wrote dozens of great columns; here are the 10 best.

  9. 2014 National Championships Report Card

    Tiina Booth grades the 2014 National Championships.

  10. In Defense Of The Triple Crown Tour

    The Triple Crown Tour hasn't proved to be as rigid as critics might have you think.

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