Past Articles in Opinion

  1. College Championships Wrap: Trap Games, Face Masks, & Jon NetherClone

    Ultiworld’s College Championships reporting crew each picked a topic and ran with it for this College Championships wrap up feature. Emotional Hangovers It seemed like every time a team had a lights out performance this weekend, they immediately fell flat on their face in the next game. We would see the tantalizing potential of a roster, the...

  2. A Very Serious Evaluation Of The Best 2015 Callahan Videos

    Callahan videos are what the Callahan Award is all about, right?

  3. Tom Crawford’s Letter To Members: Two Different Worlds

    This letter from USA Ultimate CEO Tom Crawford to members originally appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of the USA Ultimate magazine.  Recently, I had two very interesting and very different experiences that I believe capture both the amazing opportunities and tough challenges our sport is facing. The first was an east coast experience in...

  4. Instant Reaction: Men’s Seeding & Pools

    Some quick thoughts on the seeding and pools.

  5. Optimizing Your Nutrition For Tryouts And A New Season, Presented By SAVAGE

    It's time for "fat season" to come to an end.

  6. D-I College Championships 2015 Seeding Predictions: Men’s Division

    We threw some darts; here's where they landed.

  7. MLU Report Card: Grading The Boston Whitecaps’ 2015 Home Opener

    Tiina Booth grades the Boston Whitecaps' season opener.

  8. Words About Words: The Language And Jargon In Ultimate Matters

    The words we use matter for understanding, emphasis, and community.

  9. The Gentlemen’s Open Letter To The North Central

    The gentlemen are back.

  10. 2015 College All-Region Discussion Threads

    Make a name for your outstanding teammates and tell us about who deserves to win 2015 USA Ultimate All-Region, All-Freshmen, and Coaching awards this year in the discussion threads below. Nobody can see everyone play, but there are many deserving players at less-known schools. We hope these threads can facilitate a conversation about the best...

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