Past Articles in Opinion

  1. A Very Serious Evaluation Of The 2016 Callahan Videos

    Because Callahan videos are what the award is all about.

  2. The Only Team Worth Watching At Nationals Is Texas A&M (Or: An Ode To Dalton Smith)

    Texas A&M’s Dalton Smith wears his skull neckie. Photo: Alex Fraser — This article is presented by Spin Ultimate; all opinions are those of…

  3. Tuesday Tips: 5 Ways To Raise Your Game IQ, Presented By Spin Ultimate

    Some players just seem to "get it." It's not an accident.

  4. Tuesday Tips: Setting and Tracking SMART Ultimate Goals, Presented By Spin Ultimate

    Time to get away from vague goals that are dependent on third-party validation.

  5. HB-2: From Talk To Action

    Finding a way to take action against HB2 at Nationals.

  6. The Krodie Files: Bali Hijinks & The Long Florida Goodbye

    It was a great run.

  7. Tuesday Tips: 10 Tips To Get You Noticed At Tryouts, Presented By Spin Ultimate

    You will still have to earn your roster spot, but make sure you get to stick around long enough to showcase your full skills and value.

  8. Tom Crawford’s Letter To Members: Change, Indoor Championships, And More Change

    The USA Ultimate CEO looks into the hazy future.

  9. Tuesday Tips: 7 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Timeouts, Presented By Spin Ultimate

    They are a scarce and valuable resource that are all too frequently wasted in inopportune situations -- or not used at all.

  10. Scouting With The Video Scouting Reports

    Advice for getting the most out of your video scouting package, even in a tight window.

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