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  1. Ultimate Bucket List: The Top Beach Tournaments in the World

    There's a whole world (literally) of Ultimate play outside of the university and club structure, but which big-name destination tournaments offer the best mix of location, competition, and fun? Brummie breaks down four of the top beach Ultimate tournaments and gives you a guide of where you should go and what you can expect.

  2. Tiina’s Take: The 2015 College Regular Season

    I have just completed my first full cycle as a men’s college coach. I started a year ago with UMass men in March but this year I got on board earlier. I was with them this past fall and traveled with them to Queen City, Centex, and, most recently, Easterns. As expected, I learned some...

  3. Stop Defending What Cincinnati Did

    What Cincinnati did is not a question of whether or not it's allowed; it's one of whether or not it's right.

  4. Three Functional Strength Exercises To Improve Your Sprinting

    These three exercises can help boost your sprint performance.

  5. Through American Eyes: Ireland’s Siege Of Limerick Tournament

    Tad Wissel recaps Ireland's Siege Of Limerick tournament in the way only he can.

  6. Mailbag: Subbing Like Soccer, Salt Lake, And The TCT From 35,000 Feet

    I’m on the flight from New York to San Francisco for the Stanford Invite. From 35,000 feet, it’s this week’s mailbag. Let’s get started. Q: What if subbing in Ultimate worked more like it did in soccer? In other words, the game was still played 7 v. 7 and you can only sub between points…but each team...

  7. What’s The Big Deal About The New College Disc? A Historical Perspective

    Tiina Booth has a historical look at college series discs -- and some important perspective.

  8. Ultiworld Chatroom: Warm Up, North Central, Best Men’s Teams, Exciting Regions

    This is the first article in a new experimental series, Ultiworld Chatroom, where Ultiworld writers gather on Gmail chat and talk casually about ultimate. Be sure to let us know what you think — and email us if you think we should include you in our next chatroom session. Charlie Eisenhood Welcome to the first...

  9. USA Ultimate Observers Are Acting Like Referees. That Shouldn’t Happen.

    USA Ultimate's observers are increasingly making subjective, active calls. Does that make them referees?

  10. It’s Not About Compromise: Aligning With USAU Is In Pro Leagues’ Best Interest

    A new way of thinking about semi-pro league and USA Ultimate compromise.

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