Past Articles in Opinion

  1. One For The Dreamers: Thoughts From The All-Star Tour

    It's not just for the boys anymore.

  2. When A Spirit Timeout Can Be Effective

    Team USA crossed the line in the U23 Open final. But they reeled it back in.

  3. U23 Worlds 2015: Report Card

    Giving out grades for U23 Worlds!

  4. The AUDL’s “Sudden Death” Double Overtime Is Unfair

    Last weekend, one of the most hotly contested games of the 2015 AUDL playoffs went down to the wire. Having led almost the entirety of the game, Jacksonville was poised to upset their hosts and send South Division #1 seed Raleigh home early. But Raleigh clawed back to force overtime after tying it at the end of regulation....

  5. How To Do Wildwood

    A 6-chapter opus on winning Wildwood from avoiding traffic to rocking out at the Bolero.

  6. The 10 Biggest Roster Moves In The Club Men’s Division

    Who will have the biggest impact?

  7. Women’s Ultimate Roundup: What You Missed & What’s Coming Up

    What a week for Women's ultimate.

  8. 10 Things I’m Excited About In The Upcoming Women’s Club Season

    Mike Lawler discusses the upcoming Women's Club season.

  9. Here Is The Best Ruleset For Ultimate: Fouling Out, Stall Clock, And No More Picks

    I watch a lot of ultimate: college, club, AUDL, MLU, you name it. I’ve decided on what I think is the optimal ruleset for ultimate, combining a mish-mash of rules that already exist (this is built, like every rule book, on at least 80% of the existing USAU rules) and a few things that haven’t been...

  10. Travel Series: A Review Of JetBlue’s Mint Class

    JetBlue's business class cabin, Mint, is an awesome way to travel coast-to-coast.

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