Past Articles in Opinion

  1. In Defense Of The Triple Crown Tour

    The Triple Crown Tour hasn't proved to be as rigid as critics might have you think.

  2. Tiina’s Take: Day 3

    Tiina sends in her final dispatch from Frisco.

  3. Tiina’s Take: Day Two

    Tiina Booth is talking Nationals each day this weekend. Conversation of the day: I chatted with Evan Lepler yesterday, a complete sports junkie if there ever was one. He is a freelance reporter for ESPN and currently works for the Salem Red Sox in Salem, VA. He also is, “the AUDL’s primary voice of the ESPN3...

  4. Tiina’s Take: Nationals Day 1

    Tiina Booth talks about day one at Nationals.

  5. Predictions: 2014 National Championships

    Ultiworld's staff makes 2014 Nationals predictions.

  6. Mailbag: Pro Flight Finale, USAU Rankings, Worlds

    Charlie is back from Spain and ready to spout controversial opinions in the Mailbag.

  7. The Do’s And Don’ts Of Running Tryouts

    Tiina Booth explores how to start your season right with a smart, efficient tryout process.

  8. Rankings and Super-Regionals: Time to Reconsider the Abandoned Idea?

    When the Triple Crown Tour was originally proposed, a Super Regionals idea was also on the table. New columnist Alex Edinger looks at the potential merits of that system and how it might solve bid allocation controversy.

  9. Can’t We Do Better? What’s Wrong with the Rankings Now and Some Ideas to Fix

    No ranking system will ever be perfect, and USAU gets lots of criticism for minor differences on the margins. But there are some serious problems that still need to be addressed -- and maybe some innovative solutions that could be employed.

  10. Ultimate: The Advantages of a Lack of Structure

    Rather than bemoaning the lack of structure in even organized Ultimate, Alex suggests that we think about the advantages it provides.

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