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  1. The Definitive Black Friday Ultimate Deals Thread

    Get great deals on ultimate gear all weekend!

  2. Ultiworld Is Hiring: Disc Golf Editor, Long-Form Writers, Copy Editor, Analysts

    We have lots of positions available!

  3. Take The Ultiworld Video Subscription Survey

    We want to hear from you!

  4. 2015 Regionals Open Thread: Share Your Stories

    Here’s a chance to talk Regionals, present and past. We’ve got a huge slate of games this weekend — be sure to check out all of the previews below to get up to speed on the games from this weekend. But we also wanted to create place for general discussion, including sharing some great stories from Regionals...

  5. Friction Gloves Catch Of The Year: Enter To Win Great Prizes

    Got a great catch on tape? Send it to us for a chance to win.

  6. Ultiworld is Hiring: Executive Editor, Women’s & Youth Reporting, and Video Analysis

    There are multiple new positions available at Ultiworld.

  7. Place Your Wagers: The D-I Regionals Betting Lines (Week 2)

    Time to bet $1000 Ultiworld bucks and win a free disc.

  8. Win A $500 Journalism Scholarship To Attend VC ULT Camp In Seattle

    Ultiworld is giving away a $500 scholarship.

  9. What If College Nationals Were 64 Teams?

    March Madness, college ultimate style.

  10. From Pyrex To Frisbie Pie Tins: Turning Collectibles Into Cash 101

    For those of us who did not choose lucrative professions, making a few extra bucks on the side is often necessary. As a public school teacher and ultimate coach, I decided long ago that if I could consistently pay all my bills and put a little away, I would be just fine. For those of...

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