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  1. Remembering Paxton Harvieux, James Adams, and Michael Goodgame: One Year Later

    We honor the memories of the three fallen Carleton players.

  2. Warm Up: The Back Pages

    Ultimate is weird. Even at the elite college level. Whenever he saw or heard something noteworthy, Tad Wissel wrote it at the end of his notebook. These are the back pages.

  3. Selling Out In 2002: When Amherst High School Did A ‘Cute Boys’ Photo Shoot

    A dig through Tiina Booth's basement unearthed some goodies.

  4. Weekly Giveway: Blizzard Special (Ultiworld Beanie & Disc)

    You can win a FREE Ultiworld beanie and disc!

  5. Win A College Video Team Pack From Ultiworld

    Enter our sweepstakes and win!

  6. Learn To Absorb Your Jumps And Cuts Better And Avoid Injury

    Learning to absorb force from jumping and cutting can help to significantly reduce your risk of injury.

  7. Infographic: College Women’s Division Road To Nationals

    The road to Nationals in the College Women's Division.

  8. Infographic: College Men’s Division Road To Nationals

  9. 2014 Year In Photos, Presented By UltiPhotos

    What better way to capture a wonderful year of ultimate than with a photo essay. This was one of my favorite articles of the year to compile, both because of the chance to look back over some amazing moments but also to see the depth and the breadth of the work of UltiPhotos, whose photos...

  10. The 2014 Ultiworld Holiday Gift Guide

    The Ultiworld Holiday Gift Guide is back!

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