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  1. The 2014 Ultiworld Holiday Gift Guide

    The Ultiworld Holiday Gift Guide is back!

  2. Product Review: The Heckler Duffel Bag

    Preston Thompson reviews a new, ultimate-focused duffel bag.

  3. Ultiworld is Hiring: Business Development, Features, Women’s & Youth Reporting, Video Analysis, and More!

    Ultiworld is hiring for its 2015 coverage.

  4. Announcing The USA Ultimate Mailbag

    Tom Crawford and USA Ultimate are here to answer your questions.

  5. Ultiworld Now Requiring Registration To Comment On Articles

    Ultiworld is announcing today a change in our comment policy: we will no longer allow unsigned and unregistered comments. What that means is that, at least for now, you will be required to register with Disqus (or use a social media integration) and post under a username if you would like to comment on our...

  6. Apparel Discounts Come To The Ultiworld Team Pack + A Cyber Monday Special!

    Subscribers to the Ultiworld Team Pack now have access to special deals from VC Ultimate and Five Ultimate on top of unlimited college video access, great offers on gear and training materials, and the chance to win private analysis of your team from Ultiworld’s expert video analysts. VC is offering Team Pack subscribers 15% off...

  7. 2014 Ultiworld Reader Survey

    Fill out the Ultiworld Reader Survey and you could win a great prize!

  8. Whole Planet Could Use Observers Right About Now

    Pretty much everyone everywhere needs some third party officiating.

  9. Ultiworld Is Hiring An Assistant Managing Editor (And More Writers)

    Join a high quality sports journalism brand -- apply today!

  10. WUCC 2014: Photo Gallery (Day Four), Presented By VC Ultimate

    Photos from Tuesday at WUCC.

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