Past Articles in Preview

  1. Classic City Classic 2015: Tournament Preview (Men’s)

    Every year, it seems, the college season starts a little earlier. By this point in the fall, most top teams have selected their 2016 roster, started to set the foundations of the offense and defense, and look ahead to the spring. First, though, comes the Classic City Classic. The most anticipated tournament of the fall,...

  2. Fall Easterns 2015: Tournament Preview (Men’s)

    The Atlantic Coast's top teams take the field for their final fall tournament.

  3. Missouri Loves Company 2015: Tournament Preview (Men’s Division)

    Preseason tournaments: they don't matter, unless they do!

  4. Missouri Loves Company 2015: Tournament Preview (Women’s)

    Missouri Loves Company is still a fall tournament, but it can be a harbinger of spring success.

  5. A Place In History: Brute Squad and Riot To Face Off In Final

    For the first time in 10 years, the women's division champion won't be Fury or Scandal. Who will claim the honor?

  6. Drag’N Thrust, Seattle Mixtape Set For Another Epic Showdown

    Mixtape and Drag'N Thrust meet for the third time this season, this time for all the marbles.

  7. Brute Squad, Molly Brown Looking To Erase Memories Of Nationals Past

    The skeletons of Nationals past can be swept away in today's semifinal.

  8. Boston And Seattle Round II: Can The Sequel Live Up To The Original?

    Could we get another classic?

  9. Semifinal Veterans Ready to Face Off: Semifinals Preview (Mixed)

    Saturday’s semifinal matchups in the Mixed Division feature a quartet of teams that have all been there before, most of which must be tired of “merely” getting there. When Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust and Boston Slow White square off at 12 p.m. CDT and Seattle Mixtape and San Francisco Polar Bears at 1 p.m. CDT, they’ll be...

  10. Club Championships 2015: Mixed Division Preview

    As they are just about every year, the Club Championships in the Mixed division are sure to be a fun jumble of elite domination and nutty upsets. Between the stories of teams looking to be the first three-time champions to the crops of squads ready to make a name for themselves at their inaugural showing at...

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