Past Articles in Preview

  1. US Open 2015: Tournament Preview (Women’s)

    The club season begins in earnest with the first games of the US Open in Cincinnati, OH. The first leg of the Triple Crown Tour sets the stage for the season, introducing most of its major players and revealing what they are bringing to this season’s story. While the tournament is often punctured by early season...

  2. 2015 US Open: Tournament Preview (Men’s Division)

    The club season kicks off in Cincinnati!

  3. Shifting Sands: An Early Look At The South Central Men’s Region

    An early look at the South Central region.

  4. The 2015 Club Season Mega-Preview: Women’s Division

    The Women’s Club division had quite the offseason, setting us up for a 2015 season filled to the brim with storylines. One of the faces of the game is on move, a legend cut retirement short to return to her star-studded team, and one of the premier women from outside the division has joined its...

  5. Around the AUDL: Playoff Scenarios Preview

    Since last Friday’s installment of Deep Look, a lot of action has occurred the AUDL with big playoff implications. Check out our recap of last weekend’s action and a preview of the AUDL postseason scenarios. EAST In the East division, Toronto cemented its lead at the top with a commanding win over third-placed Montreal, 24-18. After that loss,...

  6. High School Westerns 2015: Tournament Preview (Boys)

    Who will reign supreme in Corvallis, Oregon?

  7. High School Westerns 2015: Tournament Preview (Girls)

    Disclosure: The author plays for Ingraham. USA Ultimate High School Western Championships are set to begin on Saturday in Corvallis, Oregon. Teams from California, Washington, and Oregon will be in attendance. Pool A Pool A has the team to beat this year at Westerns: Lakeside. After coming off of a huge win against The Northwest...

  8. Finals Preview: Can The Hot Oregon Offense Survive Tough UNC Defense? Presented By Ultimate Central

    It’s been near impossible to talk about the top of the Men’s division without mentioning Oregon Ego or North Carolina Darkside in the conversation for the last four years. For Oregon, this finals appearance eradicates the long-purported conspiracies about a team that couldn’t get over the mental hump of the semifinals. For Carolina, it’s a...

  9. Finals Preview: Long Awaited Rematch Sets Stage For Epic Final, Presented By Ultimate Central

    #1 v. #2. Here we go.

  10. Semifinal Preview: Can Florida State Beat Oregon Again to Reach the Final? Presented By Ultimate Central

    To continue the storybook rise of their program, Florida State DUF will have to beat the same team twice in the same tournament: Oregon Ego. The weekend has featured continued improvement for DUF, in spite of a hiccup on Friday when they gave away a lead to North Carolina in pool play. Each of their captains...

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