Past Articles in Recap

  1. Drag’N Thrust Repeats As Mixed National Champion With Dominant Final Performance

    Drag'N Thrust cruised past Seattle Mixed to their second straight title.

  2. Johnny Bravo Wins Their First National Championship

    Johnny Bravo put the pieces together.

  3. Seattle Mixed Flies High Into Finals

    Seattle Mixed's easy-going, big-play style is mowing down the Nationals field.

  4. Johnny Bravo’s Poise Leads Them Into Finals

    The Johnny Bravo offense had ice water in its veins.

  5. Boston Ironside Avoids Collapse With Double Game Point Win Over Ring

    Ironside blew an 11-6 lead, but managed a thrilling double game point win over Ring.

  6. Fury-Riot Semi Ends One Career, Extends Another

    Two icons of ultimate are in their final moments with their respective teams.

  7. Payback Part 1: Fury Takes Down Riot in Semifinals

    Fury continued their dominance over Riot in a spectacular semifinal.

  8. Defending Champion Drag’N Thrust Returns To The Title Game

    Drag'N Thrust again took out regional rival Chad Larson Experience.

  9. Same Exact Script: Scandal Dominates Semifinals Again

    Scandal turned in an incredible defensive performance against Brute Squad in the semifinals, just like 2013 all over again.

  10. Top Teams Survive and Advance: Women’s Quarterfinals Recap, Presented By Savage Ultimate

    With few upsets so far, the expected top teams met in the quarterfinals, with a group of Goliaths fending off a gang of would-be Davids.

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