Past Articles

  1. Watch Saints QB Drew Brees Snipe A Frisbee With A Football

    New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is, ya know, pretty good at football. He showed off his target practice skills on a frisbee this week. It’s like reverse Brodie: HT TJ Martin.

  2. Manchester United Plays Ultimate With Truck Stop & Scandal Players

    Manchester United was in Washington, DC, this week and got in some ultimate with Truck Stop and Scandal players. Check out this photo from the ManU instagram account! Manchester United with Truck Stop & Scandal

  3. WJUC 2014 Open Final: USA v. Canada [VIDEO]

    Watch the full game footage of the 2014 World Juniors Ultimate Championships Open Division final between the United States and Canada: 2014 WJUC U19 Open Final

  4. New Cooler Concept Will Become Instant Must-Have For Ultimate Teams

    This new cooler design (currently being Kickstarted) is going to be ESSENTIAL on the field and beach: Coolest Cooler

  5. Darren Wu Brings Home Gold For Canada U19 With This Unbelievable Catch

    What a play.

  6. Highlight: Madison Radicals’ Peter Graffy Skies Beau

    Pretty impressive sky block here from the Madison Radicals’ Peter Graffy over the San Jose Spiders’ Beau Kittredge: Big Sky

  7. WJUC: Terrence Mitchell’s Sky [VIDEO]

    Scott Dunham (the must-follow WJUC tweeter) got this footage of the huge Terrence Mitchell sky (seen here): Terrence Mitchell Huge Sky

  8. Photo Of The Day

    U19 Team USA player Terrence Mitchell, also a rookie on Raleigh Ring of Fire, skies Israel’s Nir Erez in pool play at the World Juniors Ultimate Championships. Via Reddit.

  9. SB Nation Discovers Ultimate On ESPN3, Snarks

    SB Nation has a regular feature where they write about the zany sports you can find on ESPN3. Ultimate got the treatment this week. It’s got your stock “stoner bro” references and a healthy amount of skepticism, but the author eventually agrees that: hey it’s a sport!

  10. Photo Of The Day

    UltiPhotos has an excellent gallery of photos from the WJUC opening ceremonies. Here is a shot of the Austrian Open team walking into the stadium in the team parade:

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