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Submit questions for this week’s mailbag to charlie@ultiworld.com or @ceisenhood on Twitter.

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Here are the Week 1 Pro League Power Rankings for MLU and the AUDL.

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Here are the results from college Conference tournaments around the country. The list is being periodically updated by USA Ultimate as they confirm scores and Regionals qualifiers.

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Ah, scores.usaultimate.org. It was never a smooth user experience, it crashed during periods of high usage, and it was all around a bit of a clunky interface. But it worked: tournaments were there, scores were updated, and, all in all, it was a pretty good way of quickly seeing what happened at a tournament.

It was badly in need of an upgrade, but it worked. Oh, how I miss it. Read more →

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In case this was in any way uncertain: “The Triple Crown Tour season and series will be shifting into the summer over the next two years.” That’s USA Ultimate CEO Tom Crawford in the upcoming USAU newsletter.

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Check out the preseason power rankings of the American Ultimate Disc League and Major League Ultimate.

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We have had a large increase in comments on Ultiworld in the past few months. While that is great, we’ve also started to lose the signal (quality comments) in the noise (nasty, off-topic, or otherwise useless comments).

While our comment policy remains the same (we delete slanderous, hateful, or ad hominem attacks on writers, players, or other commenters; we also delete grammatical/spelling correction comments once they are fixed), we are going to start to use a new Disqus feature more frequently: highlighting comments. Read more →

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I am going to be starting a mailbag column that runs weekly on Thursdays about topics across the sport. I want your questions and comments! All correspondence can go to charlie@ultiworld.com or @ceisenhood on Twitter.

To encourage quality questions and comments, there will be a weekly prize given out for the best submission of the week: discs, jerseys, video downloads. It will change week to week.

This week: win a free Ultiworld disc, just for sending in a great question, comment, or idea.

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Here’s a fitting end to the work week: another look at Michigan’s Noah Backer getting the huge block to set up the game winning score in the finals of Easterns. Read more →

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Mike Lovinguth, the Manager of Education and Youth programs at USA Ultimate, sent this letter to Ultiworld about the vision and purpose of the new Girls Ultimate Movement that we published about yesterday. Read more →

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