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  1. Ultimate Players Rank Ultimate As 3rd Hardest Sport

    Sludge Brown surveyed a group of 334 ultimate players, who ranked ultimate as the third most challenging sport behind only boxing and ice hockey. Check out the full results of Sludge’s survey over at his blog.

  2. Club Roster Deadline Is Friday At 5 PM Mountain Time

    A PSA from Ultiworld: the club rostering deadline for the Series is this Friday, August 22, at 5 PM MDT. You need to go on to the USA Ultimate online rostering system, create your team, and roster at least 10 players by that day or your team will not be eligible for the postseason.

  3. 2015 Club Nationals Will Be In October

    USA Ultimate Director of Communications Andy Lee tells Ultiworld, “Nationals will be early to mid-October in 2015.” Looks like the coming move to summer will take place in 2016.

  4. Over 80% Of People In Unidentified Survey Say Ultimate Is A Sport

    Via SB Nation, here are the results of an unnamed, unsourced survey about alternative sports and how many people call them an actual ‘sport.’ Over 80% agree that ultimate is a sport. Feels like progress, no?

  5. YCC VIDEO: North Carolina v. Cincinnati (U19 Open Finals)

    Here is the full game footage of the U19 Open Finals at the 2014 Youth Club Championships between North Carolina and Cincinnati: 2014 YCC Finals Video

  6. NYC Youngbloods Website Lets You Tinder Swipe Players

    As a former Youngbloods player (too busy this year!), I am glad to have the chance to write about the team’s website. The NYC second tier Men’s club team just launched a new website where you can “swipe right” or left on each player on the roster, just like the dating app Tinder. Good times.

  7. Ultimate, USAU Get Exposure in Sports Events Magazine

    Ultimate was pegged as an exciting, growing sport for event planners in the most recent issue of Sports Events Magazine. The magazine, which is primarily aimed at planners, took a look at the accomplishments of USA Ultimate, discussed the sports growth on the international stage, and took numerous quotes from USAU CEO Tom Crawford. Read…

  8. VIDEO: Ultimate Through The Streets Of Delft

    Cool video from Force Elektro, the college ultimate team at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands: Urban Ultimate

  9. Can Pro Sports Go Co-Ed?

    That’s the title of a New York Times op-ed, featuring Mo’Ne Davis, perhaps the biggest star of this year’s Little League World Series.

  10. Ultimate Results Coaching Academy Conference Launches This Week

    I’m extremely excited about this week’s Ultimate Results Coaching Academy Conference, which kicked off last night with a keynote from Lou Burruss and continues until August 24th. This online conference is the first of its kind in Ultimate and is designed to bring coaching techniques to coaches all over the globe.

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