Past Articles

  1. UFC Fighter Crosstrained With Ultimate

    Donald Cerrone, the #5 Lightweight in the current UFC rankings, has won three straight fights in 2014. Ultimate helped him get there in his most recent win over Jim Miller. “Being able to get out there and start fast was something I was having issues with,” Cerrone told Fox Sports Live. “I did a lot…

  2. Brodie Smith Knocks Cone Off Nick Cannon’s Head With Frisbee On America’s Got Talent

    Did you know that Brodie Smith was on America’s Got Talent? Here’s video of him knocking a cone off of Nick Cannon’s head. Smith did not advance to the next round.

  3. Ultimate: More Fun Than Soccer, Less Fun Than Cricket

    Nepali 8th and 9th graders agree: ultimate is “slightly more fun than soccer but not quite as fun as cricket.”

  4. Young The Giant Challenges Weezer For Frisbee Supremacy

    Remember when the Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson¬†made a great catch of a frisbee thrown to him mid-song? Young the Giant frontman Sameer Gadhia is hoping to one-up him. Gadhia called out to a fan at the back of the audience to throw him the disc — so he did. Here’s what happened (and check out…

  5. Pittsburgh Temper 2014 Roster

    Pittsburgh’s new Men’s club team that is replacing Oakland will be called Temper. Here’s the team’s 2014 roster.

  6. Bart Watson Has A Great Job

    Johnny Bravo’s Bart Watson is the chief economist for the Brewers’ Association, an industry trade group representing microbreweries. Solid. Via Jeremy Ziskind.  

  7. Washington DC Truck Stop 2014 Roster

    Here’s the 2014 Truck Stop roster, announced today on the team’s Facebook page.

  8. Chain Lightning’s Jay Clark’s Monster Layout Score

    This is just nasty, from Atlanta Chain Lightning’s Jay Clark: Huge Jay Clark Layout

  9. GOAT’s Anatoly Vasilyev’s Lightning Fast Hand Block

    Watch Toronto GOAT’s Anatoly Vasilyev get a super quick handblock on PoNY’s Chris Neitzey at the 2014 Chesapeake Invite: Vasilyev Hand Block

  10. 2014 Central Florida Highlights

    Check out these highlights from the Central Florida Dogs of War 2014 season: UCF Highlights

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