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  1. Photo Of The Day

    U19 Team USA player Terrence Mitchell, also a rookie on Raleigh Ring of Fire, skies Israel’s Nir Erez in pool play at the World Juniors Ultimate Championships. Via Reddit.

  2. SB Nation Discovers Ultimate On ESPN3, Snarks

    SB Nation has a regular feature where they write about the zany sports you can find on ESPN3. Ultimate got the treatment this week. It’s got your stock “stoner bro” references and a healthy amount of skepticism, but the author eventually agrees that: hey it’s a sport!

  3. Photo Of The Day

    UltiPhotos has an excellent gallery of photos from the WJUC opening ceremonies. Here is a shot of the Austrian Open team walking into the stadium in the team parade:

  4. Follow World Juniors Ultimate Championships All Week

    Looking for live information about the 2014 WJUC in Lecco, Italy? Here are some resources. Ultiworld will also have some recapping of the rounds this week. - Great online schedules from Ultiarchive (Open, Women, U17 Open, U17 Women’s) - Livetweeting of USA games, particularly Women’s, from Scott Dunham (father of U19 player Hallie Dunham) -…

  5. The New York Post Is Excited That An NYC Team — The AUDL’s Empire — Is Actually Winning

    From the New York Post: “If you are a sports fan in the Big Town, and you’ve grown a little weary of the relentless mediocrity that has crept into our city, there is an outlier wearing a “NEW YORK” jersey that will be playing an actual honest-to-goodness playoff game Saturday night within the city’s borders,…

  6. Seattle Riot’s Shira Stern Gets Community Boost to Attend WUCC

    If you’ve played competitive Ultimate, you’re no stranger to the financial strain a season can put on a player. The discussion of the costs of club play have become more prominent with the launch of the Triple Crown Tour, AUDL, and MLU. As teams ascend to higher levels of play, travel costs often balloon and…

  7. MLU Championship To Be Played On Custom-Lined Field

    This is really cool. The Major League Ultimate Championship game this weekend will be played on a custom-lined field at PPL Park in Philadelphia. “The overall idea was to create a field with the markings we need within a minimal, open design to highlight the unique flow of ultimate,” said MLU Executive Vice President Nic…

  8. WUCC 2014: Seattle Riot Preps For Worlds, Presented By VC Ultimate

    Luke Johnson & Fulcrum Pro put together a nice Worlds lead-in about Riot: Riot Early WUCC Thoughts

  9. Current’s Alan Kolick Out For MLU Championship

    DC Current star Alan Kolick — arguably the team’s best player and offensive lynchpin — will not play in the MLU Championship this weekend after breaking his right wrist playing for Truck Stop at the Chesapeake Invite. The Current are reporting that Kolick will go in for surgery on Friday.

  10. UFC Fighter Crosstrained With Ultimate

    Donald Cerrone, the #5 Lightweight in the current UFC rankings, has won three straight fights in 2014. Ultimate helped him get there in his most recent win over Jim Miller. “Being able to get out there and start fast was something I was having issues with,” Cerrone told Fox Sports Live. “I did a lot…

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