Past Articles

  1. Pro-Elite Challenge 2016: Pools & Schedule

    Here are the pools for the 2016 Pro-Elite Challenge, set for July 30-31 in Denver, CO. The full schedules are linked below. Men’s Division Mixed…

  2. The All-Star Tour Documentary Is Now Available Online

    The All-Star Tour documentary, which was aired ‘live’ last month, is now available publicly on YouTube. Check it out: All-Star Tour Documentary

  3. Comedy Central On The History Of Ultimate

    Comedy Central gives us their take on the history of ultimate frisbee, the first woman in the sport, and a huge cheating scandal: Ultimate Frisbee…

  4. 2016 Houston HIP Roster

    HIP’s Matt Bennett. Photo by William “Brody” Brotman — Here is the 2016 Houston HIP roster, featuring some┬ábig new names. Could they make Nationals…

  5. 2016 Portland Rhino Roster

    Portland Rhino’s Jacob Janin. Photo: Daniel Thai — Here is the 2016 roster for Portland Rhino. (more…)

  6. Ben Van Heuvelen Tweetstorm On Jacksonville Incident

    Ben Van Heuvelen, a long-time player and the assistant coach for the USA Men’s National Team at Worlds this year, went on a Tweetstorm yesterday…

  7. Post Elite-Select Challenge Power Rankings

    Photo by CBMT Creative. Here are the latest Power Rankings in the Club Division!

  8. Amazon Prime Day Deals

    Today is Amazon Prime Day, Amazon’s biggest sale of the year outside of Black Friday/Cyber Monday in the holiday season. We’ll be monitoring the best…

  9. WATCH: Chicago Machine’s Brett Matzuka Throws A Majestic Hammer

    This throw from Chicago Machine’s Brett Matzuka at the US Open…wow: Chicago Machine’s Brett Matzuka | Hammer Huck Full video here.

  10. Here Is The 2016 Youth Club Championships Logo

    Check out the logo for the 2016 Youth Club Championships, designed by Breakmark Ultimate:

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