Past Articles

  1. The 2015 Pro And Elite Flights

    With everyone’s focus on the Championship bracket and the wild results of quarter and semifinals, we haven’t talked much yet about the impact of the National Championships on next year’s competition. Here are the Pro and Elite Flights in each Division.

  2. Mailbag

    Be sure to send in your Nationals questions for this week’s Mailbag to (or right here in the comments).

  3. Highlight: Super Seated Scoober

    This, from Seattle Mixed in semifinals, is just insane: Seattle Mixed / Ghettobirds Layout D and Scoober

  4. Statistic Of The Day

    On the final point of the semifinal between Raleigh Ring of Fire and Boston Ironside, there was 12:40 of stoppage time (not including timeouts or injury delays). There was just 6:08 of live play.

  5. Photo Of The Day: Last Minute Jersey Edition

    Savage Ultimate posted this picture on their instagram of their late night screenprinting session, making new jerseys for Seattle Mixed, who can’t play with their Ghetto Birds jerseys during tomorrow’s Mixed National final: Ghetto Birds – Seattle Mixed Jerseys

  6. 2014 National Championships: Highlight Reel

    Here are some highlights from day one and two of the 2014 USA Ultimate National Championships: 2014 Nationals Video Highlight Reel

  7. Watch The End Of Rhino’s Upset Over Sockeye

    Here’s the final three points of Rhino v. Sockeye in prequarters. It starts with Rhino’s critical break to take a one point lead late in the second half: Rhino-Sockeye Final Points At 2014 Nationals

  8. Highlight: Fury’s Cree Howard Says No

    Cree Howard Sky D

  9. Highlight: Riot’s Fiona McKibben Goes Horizontal

    Huge play here from Seattle Riot’s Fiona McKibben. Wow. Video from Luke Johnson. Fiona McKibben layout score

  10. Photo Of The Day: Contrasting Emotions

    A photo of just after the conclusion of the Doublewide/Ironside game:

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