Past Articles

  1. 2015 USA Ultimate National Championships Logo

    Here is the logo for the 2015 USA Ultimate National Championships in Frisco, TX: Logo designed by event merchandiser Five Ultimate.

  2. Two New Discs Approved For USAU Championship Competition

    USA Ultimate’s Flight Test Pool approved two new discs for Championship level competition: the Discraft Ultrastar, Web Mold II (Hot Stamp) and the Yikun Sports UltiPro. The UltiPro is the first disc manufactured outside of the US or Canada to be granted Championship level approval, which means it is acceptable for play in the highest level...

  3. 25 Controversial Opinions About Ultimate

    Reddit’s ultimate subreddit has a fascinating thread right now about users’ controversial opinions about ultimate. Here is a representative list of top-level comments (some have been lightly edited) — there’s a lot more in the way of discussion at the link. What’s your take on the below? What’s your controversial opinion about ultimate?

  4. Pro Flight Finale Pools And Schedules Announced

    Check out the pools for the 2015 Pro Flight Finale in Blaine, MN!

  5. GIF: GOAT’s Remi Ojo Toes The Back Line For A Break

    Toronto GOAT’s Remi Ojo continues to ascend as a top playmaker after this toe-the-line grab for a critical late break against Vancouver Furious George in the Canadian National final: Remi Ojo toes the line

  6. MLU Commissioner Mulling Idea Of Women’s Pro League

    Check out these tweets from Major League Ultimate commissioner Jeff Snader: MLU Women’s League Tweet #1 MLU Women’s League Tweet #2 MLU Women’s League Tweet #3 Thoughts?  

  7. Indian Cook Throws Naan Dough Frisbee-Style Across Kitchen

    This is awesome: Frisbee Throw | Indian Chef | Naan Dough | Tamil Nadu HT Adam Shapiro.

  8. YCC 2015: U19 Boys Final (Triangle Triforce v. Boston BUDA)

    Here is the full game footage of the YCC U19 Boys final between Triangle Triforce and Boston BUDA: U19 Boys Final | Youth Club Championships 2015

  9. The New Yorker On Ultimate As A Future Olympic Sport

    The New Yorker has a nice background piece about ultimate’s prospects as an Olympic sport, featuring quotes from USA Ultimate CEO Tom Crawford and WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch. Here’s Rauch with the quote that matters: “Our hope is that we’ll be in a position, in 2017, to make a credible pitch to put forward...

  10. New York Times Hosts Debate On Ultimate’s Olympic Readiness

    The New York Times’ ‘Room For Debate’ just published a discussion on the topic: “Is Ultimate Frisbee Ready For The Olympics?” Four panelists shared their thoughts. Here are short excerpts from each writer with links to their articles.

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