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  1. Is The New Tryout Process For Team USA An Improvement?

    Washington DC Truck Stop captain and experienced ultimate writer Jonathan Neeley started a compelling thread on his Facebook page about the new tryout-based Team USA for the World Ultimate Championships. Here are selected excerpts from Neeley, PoNY’s Jack Marsh, Kyle Weisbrod, Ironside coach Josh McCarthy, and Ultiworld managing editor Sean Childers.

  2. AUDL Franchise Price Moving From $15,000 To $25,000 In 2015

    The price of an AUDL franchise is going up on January 1st: you’ll need $25,000 to purchase a new team in 2015. That’s a big upward move from the current price of $15,000, which has been stable for more than a year. “We feel like the value of franchises has gone up,” said AUDL marketing...

  3. AUDL Officially Announces Raleigh Flyers

    The Raleigh Flyers are the latest expansion team in the AUDL. The league is also adding an Atlanta franchise and one other South Division team that has yet to be announced.

  4. IOC Votes To Shift Olympics From Sport-Based To Event-Based

    The IOC is meeting in Monaco right now to vote on sweeping changes to the Olympic program. They have already agreed to some major overhauls which are quite encouraging for ultimate’s long-term chances of reaching the Games. Read more about why this is important here.

  5. Quote Of The Day: MLU’s Skippy Peanut Butter Sponsorship Deal

    “While this partnership is one of the first between the league and a major corporation outside of the ultimate frisbee world, peanut butter has been the protein of choice on ultimate sidelines for decades.”

  6. Florida Warm Up Teams Announced

    The Florida Warm Up teams — representing every region in the country — have been announced. Ultiworld will be bringing you written and video coverage of the early season bellwether tournament from sunny Tampa, Florida in mid-February. Here’s the team list.

  7. MLU Founders Jeff Snader And Nic Darling Answering Questions On Reddit

    Major League Ultimate founders Jeff Snader and Nic Darling are answering questions in an AMA thread on Reddit’s ultimate subreddit.

  8. Do We Need A Grand Bargain Between USAU And Pros?

    In his reaction to Tiina Booth’s latest column, my co-editor Sean Childers makes the case that finding common ground between USA Ultimate and the semi-pro leagues is going to be challenging, if not impossible. “Finding a consensus on the idea of compromising is different from finding a consensus on the actual implementation, and I’m afraid...

  9. Lively Debate and Further Discussion on Latest Tiina Booth Column

    If you haven’t had a chance to check out the comments on the latest Tiina Booth column, then you’re missing out on what I predict will become an increasingly important issue: How should USAU interact with the semi-professional leagues?

  10. Playing With A Prosthetic Leg

    Matthew Shepherd has had to rediscover how to play ultimate after having his leg amputated due to a bone disease. Read this wonderful first person essay from Shepherd on the Show Game. An excerpt: I have to be smart when playing. As moving and changing direction can be difficult, I need to make sure that...

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