Past Articles

  1. Brodie Smith, Kurt Gibson Going On The Amazing Race

    Brodie Smith and Kurt Gibson are going to be on the upcoming season of CBS’ The Amazing Race: Brodie Smith Amazing Race Brodie Smith Twitter

  2. USAU Board Member Henry Thorne Calls For Pro Leagues To Go Mixed Gender

    USA Ultimate just announced the start of the 2016 Board of Directors election, which runs through November 18th. Both open seats are likely to be filled by candidates running unopposed. Get more information on USA Ultimate about the candidates and the voting. One thing I saw that was worth bringing some attention to was long-time,...

  3. 2015 Classic City Classic Filming Schedule

    Ultiworld will be filming (NOT livestreaming) the following games at the 2015 Classic City Classic in Athens, GA: SATURDAY, NOV. 14 Stanford v. Georgia Tulane v. Brown Texas A&M v. Harvard Auburn v. Florida Michigan v. Emory Georgia Tech v. Virginia SUNDAY, NOV. 15 Quarterfinal Semifinal Final

  4. Cassidy Rasmussen Signs With Dallas Roughnecks

    Cassidy Rasmussen, Ultiworld’s 2015 Player of the Year, has signed with the AUDL’s Dallas Roughnecks after spending last season with the San Jose Spiders. Rasmussen follows in the footsteps of his club and pro teammate Beau Kittredge, who announced his move to the Roughnecks earlier this week. Rasmussen has been one of the AUDL’s best players since...

  5. Elections Underway For New Club Division Player Reps

    Elections are underway for all three USA Ultimate Club divisions to elect a new player representative. The announcements of each Division’s candidates were made this week via Division Council Google+ pages and reposted on Reddit (M/W/X) by the remaining player rep in each division. The candidates are: Men’s: Grant Boyd (Sant Barbara Condors), Tyler Kinley...

  6. Deal Alert: 10 Ultrastar Misprints For $40.99, Shipped

    Discraft just launched a new Factory Store website where you can buy single discs, misprints, accessories, and more. Today only, you can get 10 misprint Ultrastars for just $39.99 plus $5 flat rate shipping. But you can get a 10% off coupon by signing into a social media account (click the logos on the right hand...

  7. CCC Pools Announced

    The pools for the 2015 Classic City Classic have been announced: Ultiworld will be reporting and filming games in Athens, GA, next weekend! Stay tuned for more information.

  8. Artificial Turf Raises Cancer Concerns

    A recent E60 report from ESPN brought mainstream attention to a growing concern about cancer risk from playing on artificial turf fields made with crumb rubber, the little black pellets that add spring to turf. Crumb rubber, made from ground up tires, contains a number of carcinogenic compounds. Here is the E60 report: E60 Report...

  9. Manila Spirits Pump-Up Video

    Ditch just released a pump-up highlight video to promo their live coverage from the Phillipines’ Manila Spirits. Check it out: Manila Spirits Highlight Pump-Up Video | Ditch Media

  10. 2015 Missouri Loves Company Pools, Schedule Announced

    The 2015 Missouri Loves Company pools and schedule have been announced for this upcoming weekend. MLC is always one of the premier fall tournaments; this year is no exception.

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