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  1. Quote Of The Day: Tom Crawford Olympics Edition

    “The sport of ultimate could get on the Olympic program way earlier than any of us dreamed.” — USA Ultimate CEO Tom Crawford, speaking at the 2015 Youth Ultimate Coaching Conference. You can go to 48:00 for the Olympic discussion. Here is some background on the changes that have improved ultimate’s chances at inclusion in...

  2. Men’s Centex 2015: Video Highlights

    Check out these highlights from the 2015 Centex Invite: Centex 2015 College Ultimate Frisbee Highlights

  3. VIDEO: Colorado Coach Eats A Worm After Team Gets 5 Layout Ds

    Colorado coach Claire Chastain told her team that she would eat a worm if they got at least five layout Ds. She followed through: Post by Kali Ultimate.

  4. VIDEO: Pro Disc Golfer Can Throw Any Speed, On Demand

    This is the craziest thing you’ll see today. Simon Lizotte, one of the best disc golfers in the world (he was previously featured on Ultiworld for setting the distance record at 863.5 feet), showed off his impeccable control of the disc on his Instagram: Having fun with the speed gun! Give me a number… #AllDay...

  5. My NCAA Bracket, Selected By Men’s College Ultimate Matchups

    Above is my NCAA March Madness bracket that selects each matchup based on its men’s college ultimate analog.

  6. AUDL Launches Kickstarter For Ultimate Card Game

    The American Ultimate Disc League wants to produce a new ultimate card game — score goals, avoid getting skied by Mark Lloyd, play defense. They are seeking $10,000 funding on Kickstarter.

  7. Easterns 2015 Full Team List

    As we await pools for Easterns, next weekend’s final major Men’s Division tournament, here’s a look at the full team list.

  8. Evan Lepler Leaving Baseball Gig To Focus Entirely On Ultimate

    Evan Lepler, color commentator for USA Ultimate ESPN3 broadcast games over the last two seasons and lead play-by-play for the AUDL ESPN3 games, is leaving his Salem Red Sox baseball broadcasting job to focus all of his energy on ultimate this spring and summer.

  9. Frisbee Avalanche!

    The new season of Community, now being hosted exclusively online by Yahoo, has a sneak preview out on Variety: Frisbee Avalanche

  10. MLU’s Philly Spinners Ad Is Pretty Awesome

    Major League Ultimate just uploaded this Philadelphia Spinners advertisement to their YouTube channel. Not clear what it will be used for yet, but it’d be pretty great to see this on TV: MLU Philly Spinners TV Video Advertisement 2015

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