Past Articles

  1. AUDL Week 1: Top 10 Plays

    Check out the top 10 plays from the AUDL’s first week of competition: AUDL Week One | Top 10 Plays | 2015

  2. Stanford Remixes Uptown Funk, Ultimate-Style

    This video from Stanford Superfly is a lot of fun (don’t believe me, just watch): Ultimate Funk | Stanford Superfly | Uptown Funk Remix

  3. Photo Of The Day: Boat Celebration

    A boat?!

  4. Chicago Machine and Madison Club Co-Hosting Elite Non-TCT Tournament

    Each year of the Triple Crown Tour seems to present at least one elite tournament hosted independent of the Triple Crown Structure; this year Machine and Madison Club are slatted to co-host a “Bro-Flight Finale” on the same weekend as the Pro-Flight Finale. While none of the Pro-Flight eligible teams are attending, the slate nonetheless...

  5. Texas A&M’s Matt Bennett For Callahan

    We’ve been talking about Matt Bennett as one of the country’s deadliest and most innovative throwers. The Texas A&M star shows that off in his Callahan video: Matt Bennett Callahan Video 2015

  6. Whitman’s Julia Bladin For Callahan

    Using the hashtag #JBlades4Callahan, Whitman’s got a nice contribution to the Callahan conversation Whitman’s Julia Bladin Callahan Video 2015

  7. Greatest from Charlotte Express Lands AUDL on Sports Center Top 10

    Check out this greatest from Sean Kelly that made #8 in last night’s Sports Center Top 10!

  8. Virginia’s Alika Johnston For Callahan

    Virginia released their Callahan video for Alika Johnston, one of the top contenders for Player of the Year: Alika Johnston Callahan Video 2015

  9. Quick Recap: After Tight First Half, UMass Takes Down Brown at NE Conferences

    New England Conferences have largely been solely for seeding to Regionals; especially this year with only 2 of 16 teams competing did not make Regionals (possibly 3 if Boston University’s DQ stands). Brown hosted Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Rhode Island College on Sunday afternoon for the South New England Conferences.

  10. Michigan MagnUM Asks New Football Coach Jim Harbaugh To Come To Practice

    Michigan MagnUM, the men’s ultimate team at UM, wrote passionately in a university publication asking new head football coach Jim Harbaugh to come out to one of the team’s practices. Harbaugh, the former San Francisco 49ers head coach, has become a star on campus in part because he has been showing up to other sporting...

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