1. Seattle Riot 2015 Roster

    Here is the roster for Seattle Riot in 2015. (more…)

    —Charlie Eisenhood May 18, 2015 at 6:49PM
  2. Photo Of The Day: Franciscan’s Tony Bort Pulls Down The Huck

    Franciscan capped off an undefeated season and won the DIII Men’s College Championship 13-9 over Brandeis yesterday afternoon. Here’s Franciscan’s Tony Bort pulling down a huck:

    Franciscan's Tony Bort reels in the huck.
    Photo: Mark Olsen —
    —Charlie Eisenhood May 18, 2015 at 11:40AM
  3. Read Jim Harbaugh’s Scouting Report Of The Michigan Ultimate Team

    Sports Illustrated ran a cover story this week on Jim Harbaugh, the former San Francisco 49ers head coach who just signed a contract to coach at Michigan. You may recall that he recently showed up to a Michigan MagnUM ultimate practice after the team reached out on social media.

    Awesome enough on its own, he went one further and gave a scouting report on the ultimate team to SI. Check it out:

    Jim Harbaugh Scouting Report on Ultimate Frisbee

    HT Eli Leonard.

    —Charlie Eisenhood May 18, 2015 at 10:56AM
  4. Raleigh Flyers’ Jessi Jones Becomes First Female In Pro Competition

    jessi jones

    After last week’s buzz about Jessi Jones becoming the first female player signed (to a one-day contract) in pro ultimate, she also set a new record: the first female to play in a pro game.

    According to the AUDL’s statistics, Jones played 14 points (all defense) in the Flyers’ 33-22 win over the Nashville Nightwatch. She recorded two completions and one catch. She had no turnovers, goals, assists, or blocks.

    Here she is being introduced before the game:

    Jessi Jones Introduction | Raleigh Flyers

    —Charlie Eisenhood May 18, 2015 at 10:36AM
  5. HIGHLIGHT: Jaclyn Verzuh Annihilates A Pack Of Riot Players

    #1 high school recruit Jaclyn Verzuh (profiled by Ultiworld earlier this year) was playing in the Seattle Riot red v. black tryout scrimmage when she did this:

    Jaclyn Verzuh Sky | Seattle Riot Tryouts 2015

    —Charlie Eisenhood May 18, 2015 at 10:20AM
  6. Highlight Reel: AUDL Top 10 (Week 5)

    Heck of a top 10 this week from the AUDL. Check it out:

    AUDL Top 10 Plays | Week 5 2015

    —Charlie Eisenhood May 15, 2015 at 2:32PM
  7. Raleigh Flyers Sign First-Ever Female Pro Ultimate Player

    jessi jones

    The Raleigh Flyers announced tonight that they have signed Jessi Jones — a Team USA U23 player in 2013, Beach Worlds player this year, and multiple time Nationals player with Raleigh Phoenix — to a contract to play against the Nashville Nightwatch this weekend. The signing is part of a larger ‘Women’s Ultimate Day.’ Jones becomes the first woman to be signed to an AUDL team or any semi-pro ultimate team.

    “Competing with the Raleigh Flyers will be an incredible experience; I am excited to compete alongside my peers on the professional stage,” she said in a statement. “Thank you to everyone in the Triangle ultimate community for the support and encouragement over the years.  I look forward to bringing my friends and family out to the game to share in the experience.”


    —Charlie Eisenhood May 13, 2015 at 11:21PM
  8. WATCH: The Atlanta Hustle’s Game-Saving Snake In The Grass Play

    Down one with 0:37 on the clock and pulling to the Raleigh Flyers, the Atlanta Hustle needed to find a way to force a turnover. Unfortunately, Raleigh was in a position where they could simply swing the disc and run out the clock. So Atlanta instituted a classic misdirection play: the Snake in the Grass. They hid a player deep in their own end zone and made it seem as if Justin Allen had a wide open cut for a score. Flyers youngster Terrence Mitchell took the bait, and it was an easy block for Atlanta.

    The Hustle went on to tie it up and force overtime before winning the game in the extra period. Our very own Keith Raynor with the call:

    Atlanta Hustle | Snake In The Grass | Raleigh Flyers | AUDL 2015

    —Charlie Eisenhood May 13, 2015 at 10:08AM
  9. Stanford’s Steph Lim For Callahan

    Stanford’s Steph Lim has had a super season. Check out her Callahan video:

    Steph Lim | Callahan Video 2015

    —Charlie Eisenhood May 12, 2015 at 3:48PM
  10. Quote Of The Day: Karl-Anthony Towns

    Karl-Anthony Towns

    6’11” Kentucky alum Karl-Anthony Towns, expected to go #1 in the NBA draft this year, spoke recently at his high school, St. Joseph’s, about playing ultimate:

    “I just think it’s really cool. I mean, it’s very fun. It was very different. That’s the thing I love. I love trying all sports out. I spent some time trying lacrosse out, that didn’t work very well, I’m not very good at it. I pitched, I played baseball, I played tennis with my sister. I just have an intriguing aspect in myself. I get intrigued by any sport and I want to try it out so ultimate Frisbee was a huge thing here at St. Joe’s, especially with leagues created for it. So I joined the league, had a lot of fun playing it and enjoyed it a lot, especially when you have the height I have it was easy to catch.”

    Long-time player Adam Zagoria has more on the story over at SNY. You won’t be surprised to learn that both the MLU and the AUDL would love to have Towns join their leagues.

    —Charlie Eisenhood May 12, 2015 at 12:02PM


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