Aero Ultimate Brings Innovative Solutions To Ultimate Challenges

Aero Ultimate is solving problems with creative solutions.

Aero UltimateThis post is sponsored by Aero Ultimate.

Aero Ultimate is a new entrant to the ultimate landscape, but don’t let that fool you: this innovative company is here for the long term.

With an ambitious R&D team and a bold vision, Aero Ultimate looks to bring useful new products and services to ultimate players, teams, and organizations.

You may have seen their SkyLight product, a vertical jump tool that holds a disc at varying heights so players can work on not just jumping high, but also being controlled with the catch. But their offerings go far beyond that. Aero’s Team Tree program will help you develop your team’s culture into a winning one. They are building out Universal Ultimate, a significant teaching and curriculum database. They offer ultimate-specific strength and conditioning programs through their Advanced Ultimate program.

All together, Aero is currently testing and developing 12 separate departments as they grow throughout the decade. They want to redefine what it means to play ultimate effectively, solving problems with cutting-edge solutions.

The Aero team is comprised of players of all levels, from elite level club and professional players to the pickup level. That gives them insight into the challenges facing all corners of ultimate, not just the top 5%. Two of the top collaborators, Ken Kaminski and Brent Steepe, have had exposure to an interesting series of events within the AUDL. Kaminski has a long history of volunteering for USA Ultimate while starting his college team that gained $18,000 in annual funding. Steepe has been a professional personal trainer for 23 years and is highly networked in larger circles. In the last four years, it has become clear to both of them where some gaps are with ultimate’s organization and information. Assembling a team with a full range of writing, coaching, programming, and planning talents, Aero aims to build people just as much as their products and services.

They are currently looking for passionate potential clients to get in touch with them about their services as they prepare to build programs to serve as larger audience in the coming year.

They are also looking for more team members as they look to expand their developer core to 20 people by October. If you have passionate new ideas for the sport of ultimate, you can contact Aero at [email protected].


You can get more information about Aero on the Aero Ultimate Website, the Aero Ultimate Facebook page, and the Aero Ultimate Twitter.

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