We Approximated The USAU College Rankings: See The Late Bid Picture

Where things stand heading into the final weekend of the season.

PIttsbugh’s Sam Vandusen throws against the mark from Minnesota’s Ben Jagt. Photo: William ‘Brody’ Brotman — UltiPhotos.com

Ultiworld’s Cody Mills has put together a statistical tool to approximate the USA Ultimate rankings by using publicly available score data and applying the algorithm that USA Ultimate uses to run their numbers. While the results below are unofficial and could include some scores which are liable to be altered or removed from the official rankings, they are a good representation of the what the current rankings would look like.

Throughout the remainder of the college season, we will be running this USAU ranking approximation and, later, applying different algorithms and/or ranking methods to test possible alternatives to the existing algorithm.

For more information about the USA Ultimate algorithm, ranking system, and some of its perceived flaws, see this FAQ from 2015.

Men’s Division

The rankings below include only teams with at least five sanctioned games. Teams will be required to have 10 games logged for the final rankings next week.

1Pittsburgh2230.7214-1Ohio ValleyDivision I
2North Carolina2191.5419-1Atlantic CoastDivision I
3Massachusetts2130.085-2New EnglandDivision I
4Carleton College2111.0411-4North CentralDivision I
5Colorado2108.3611-1South CentralDivision I
6Minnesota2107.1112-3North CentralDivision I
7Georgia2022.4010-3SoutheastDivision I
8Michigan1967.1912-2Great LakesDivision I
9North Carolina-Wilmington1954.8212-2Atlantic CoastDivision I
10Brigham Young1951.9218-6NorthwestDivision I
11Stanford1936.9010-4SouthwestDivision I
12Oregon1932.5116-3NorthwestDivision I
13Wisconsin1896.408-7North CentralDivision I
14Texas A&M1891.0410-7South CentralDivision I
15Washington1886.9215-8NorthwestDivision I
16North Carolina State1886.6617-3Atlantic CoastDivision I
17British Columbia1872.9613-7NorthwestDivision I
18Colorado State1846.5211-5South CentralDivision I
19Cal Poly-SLO1845.6414-7SouthwestDivision I
20Central Florida1814.7916-7SoutheastDivision I
21Virginia1775.9214-1Atlantic CoastDivision I
22Purdue1754.0913-1Great LakesDivision I
23Northwestern1752.4219-5Great LakesDivision I
24Virginia Tech1739.857-5Atlantic CoastDivision I
25Florida1724.9821-8SoutheastDivision I
26Case Western Reserve1723.0910-4Ohio ValleyDivision I
27LSU1687.7323-5SoutheastDivision I
28Auburn1687.4210-11SoutheastDivision I
29Northeastern1678.0116-5New EnglandDivision I
30Oregon State1676.2221-11NorthwestDivision I
31Florida State1674.189-7SoutheastDivision I
32James Madison1666.7614-4Atlantic CoastDivision I
33Harvard1663.757-8New EnglandDivision I
34Cincinnati1662.8610-5Ohio ValleyDivision I
35Montana State1655.7217-0NorthwestDivision I
36Connecticut1648.088-9Metro EastDivision I
37Western Washington1644.349-10NorthwestDivision I
38Notre Dame1642.6312-9Great LakesDivision I
39Tufts1623.062-4New EnglandDivision I
40Texas Tech1615.8020-2South CentralDivision I
41Brown1611.676-9New EnglandDivision I
42Illinois1611.505-8Great LakesDivision I
43Southern California1605.0414-6SouthwestDivision I
44Penn State1602.9111-4Ohio ValleyDivision I
-Bryant1577.124-0New EnglandDivision III
45Texas1572.536-13South CentralDivision I
46Washington University1565.237-6South CentralDivision I
47Iowa State1563.0110-3North CentralDivision I
48Ohio1559.198-2Ohio ValleyDivision I
49California-Santa Barbara1556.6114-13SouthwestDivision I
50Utah1546.686-6NorthwestDivision I

Implied Bid Allocation

Atlantic Coast: 3 bids
Great Lakes: 1 bid
Metro East: 1 bid
New England: 1 bid
North Central: 3 bids
Northwest: 4 bids
Ohio Valley: 1 bid
South Central: 3 bids
Southeast: 1 bid
Southwest: 2 bids

Women’s Division

The rankings below include only teams with at least five sanctioned games. Teams will be required to have 10 games logged for the final rankings next week.

RankSchoolRatingRecordRegionDivision I
1Stanford2342.4119-3SouthwestDivision I
2Texas2260.7416-3South CentralDivision I
3Virginia2232.3122-2Atlantic CoastDivision I
4Dartmouth2192.3616-3New EnglandDivision I
5British Columbia2152.519-4NorthwestDivision I
6Tufts2150.9217-3New EnglandDivision I
7UCLA2144.8818-4SouthwestDivision I
8Notre Dame2106.4216-4Great LakesDivision I
9California2099.5216-9SouthwestDivision I
10Pittsburgh2045.8115-5Ohio ValleyDivision I
11Oregon1991.8017-10NorthwestDivision I
12Colorado1974.537-10South CentralDivision I
13North Carolina1964.4613-6Atlantic CoastDivision I
14Michigan1922.579-11Great LakesDivision I
15Ohio State1910.8016-10Ohio ValleyDivision I
16Carleton College1903.7911-8North CentralDivision I
17Southern California1876.3514-9SouthwestDivision I
18Florida1869.0918-10SoutheastDivision I
19Boston College1865.556-1New EnglandDivision I
20Whitman1849.649-10NorthwestDivision I
21Georgetown1848.6122-4Atlantic CoastDivision I
22Vermont1831.8013-6New EnglandDivision I
23Iowa State1828.8014-5North CentralDivision I
24Liberty1811.3814-3Atlantic CoastDivision I
25Kansas1799.2722-6South CentralDivision I
26Minnesota1795.356-7North CentralDivision I
27Delaware1794.657-6Atlantic CoastDivision I
28North Carolina-Wilmington1791.9010-9Atlantic CoastDivision I
29Colorado State1776.3816-4South CentralDivision I
30Williams1760.7617-1New EnglandDivision III
31California-San Diego1735.0513-9SouthwestDivision I
32Kennesaw State1712.8216-4SoutheastDivision I
33Columbia1691.029-3Metro EastDivision I
34Western Washington1685.194-8NorthwestDivision I
35California-Davis1677.6616-10SouthwestDivision I
36Cornell1641.2718-2Metro EastDivision I
37Washington1635.586-13NorthwestDivision I
38Colorado College1614.836-12South CentralDivision I
39West Chester University1610.5510-3Ohio ValleyDivision I
40Case Western Reserve1601.585-2Ohio ValleyDivision I
41Penn State1585.028-10Ohio ValleyDivision I
42Wisconsin1575.507-13North CentralDivision I
43Florida State1573.0814-12SoutheastDivision I
44Auburn1553.4216-4SoutheastDivision I
45Bates1540.475-1New EnglandDivision III
46Cincinnati1529.469-4Ohio ValleyDivision I
47Duke1525.847-0Atlantic CoastDivision I
48South Carolina1524.709-3Atlantic CoastDivision I
49Georgia1510.986-8SoutheastDivision I
50Illinois1508.126-7Great LakesDivision I

Implied Bid Allocation

Atlantic Coast: 2 bids
Great Lakes: 2 bids
Metro East: 1 bid
New England: 3 bids
North Central: 1 bid
Northwest: 2 bids
Ohio Valley: 2 bids
South Central: 2 bids
Southeast: 1 bid
Southwest: 4 bids

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