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Universe Point, Presented by UP Cleats: QCTU Double Dip (Men’s)

A Friday two-for-one! UMass vs. NC State AND Carnegie Mellon vs. Notre Dame.

The most climactic point in ultimate is double game point–also known as “Universe Point”–when the pressure is on and a single goal will decide who will be the victor. This college season, Universe Point cleats is presenting every double game point we film. Check out Universe Point if you’re looking for an edge to help you win your next double game point, or any other time you take the field.

To watch this game and the rest of our college games in full, check out our subscription options! The rankings below are from the time of the matchup.

The no. 2 and no. 3 seeds of the men’s division at QCTU clashed in a tight one. UMass and NC State each needed just one more goal to advance to the final and a chance to face vaunted #1 North Carolina, the reigning national champions.

UMass vs. NC State (Universe Point at Queen City Tune Up 2019)

Meanwhile, both Carnegie Mellon and Notre Dame fought it out in the second round, each hoping to have an impact on the tournament’s bracket. After a tournament opening loss to Alabama, Notre Dame would need to break on double game point to remain relevant.

Carnegie Mellon vs. Notre Dame (Universe Point at Queen City Tune Up 2019)

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