Better Box Score Metrics: Week 9 Hits Defensive Data Threshold

How does removing the end of quarter desperation possessions affect the stats?

San Diego Growlers' Travis Dunn in a Week 9 regular season American Ultimate Disc League frisbee matchup against Portland Nitro.
San Diego Growlers’ Travis Dunn in a Week 9 regular season AUDL matchup against Portland Nitro. Photo: Greg Pettus — San Diego Growlers.

Last week, I discussed the problem of treating incomplete Hail Mary throws at the end of AUDL quarters as turnovers, since:

  1. Functionally they are not turnovers.
  2. They’re common enough to potentially throw off our metrics.

One week later, the Commission to Investigate Quarter-Ending Incompletions (QEIncs) has submitted its findings, and the audit of 2022 AUDL data shows that treating QEIncs as turnovers can indeed distort one’s view of a thrower. For example, almost half of Jack William’s throwaways this year are not actually throwaways. In all, 126 players have at least one QEInc this year, and for 29 of the 43 players who have had at least two, QEIncs represent more than 15 percent of their total throwaways (Table 1).

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