Ultiworld Account FAQ

General Questions

What do I need to do to register?
Registration is simple: just pick a username and provide an email address.

What are the benefits of registering for an Ultiworld account?
Accounts are free and allow you to log in to the Ultiworld Forums as well as sign up for occasional contests or promotions. Once you have an account, you can purchase a subscription for a bunch of additional features!

What are the benefits of purchasing an Ultiworld subscription?
Ultiworld Subscribers get access to our video archives, subscriber-only feature articles, a private discussion area, and the ability to disable ads whenever you want. Compare the membership tiers at ultiworld.com/subscribe or purchase/manage a subscription at ultiworld.com/my-settings.



Payment Questions

How do subscribers pause/cancel/upgrade/downgrade their subscription plan?
All subscription changes can be made at ultiworld.com/my-settings. Subscription payment happens at the beginning of the period that it covers and automatically renews.

If you pause or cancel your subscription in the middle of your pre-paid period, you will continue to receive all subscriber benefits through the end of that period. All other plan upgrades/downgrades take effect immediately and will be prorated with regards to your current paid period.

How do subscribers change their payment information?
Payment information can be managed at ultiworld.com/my-settings. You can change or delete your payment information at any time. All payments and card details are handled securely by Stripe.

What should I do if I already subscribed on VHX, but want to switch to one of the new Ultiworld subscriptions?
After you purchase an Ultiworld subscription and connect your existing VHX account, we will automatically cancel your old VHX-based recurring payments so that you are only paying in one place. You shouldn’t experience any interruption in access if you subscribe to a Full or Plus plan.

If you notice continuing charges from VHX even after you switched to one of the new subscriptions, please email support@ultiworld.com and we will make sure that gets straightened out.

Can I gift a subscription to someone else?
We are still working on a self-service way of purchasing a gift subscription. In the meantime, email support@ultiworld.com with the who/what/when of the gift and we can try to make it happen!



Benefit Questions

What are the differences in the subscription video benefits? Classic Games vs. Full Subscription vs. Early Access?
Our Classic Games Package is a small selection of great games that Ultiworld has filmed over the years available for all subscriber tiers.

The Full Subscription lets you watch all the content we have on VHX: past, present, and future.

Early Access is available for Plus Subscribers and provides immediate archive access to all of our livestreamed games on YouTube (completed livestreams are otherwise unavailable while they are being moved to VHX which usually takes 12-24 hours).

How do I access the videos on VHX? I already paid for a subscription on Ultiworld, but VHX is telling me I still need to subscribe?
You can find the Classic Games Package as well as all the rest of our video archives on VHX. To access the videos with an Ultiworld subscription, go to ultiworld.com/my-settings and either connect your subscription to an existing VHX account (if you’ve bought video products from us before) or create a new VHX account. Then the videos will automatically become accessible on VHX and the settings page will have shortcuts to all your VHX video products for future ease-of-access.

If VHX continues to tell you to subscribe when you try to watch a video, make sure that you are logged in on VHX, that your Ultiworld account is connected to your VHX account, and that your subscription is still active. If you continue to receive this message, email support@ultiworld.com and we will make sure you can access your videos.

Can I download videos from my subscription?
Downloading games directly is not an option except for those teams that opt to get a Team Pack.

However, the VHX apps that power our video library offer ‘offline sync,’ a feature that allows you to pre-load games to your devices for viewing without an internet connection. For 95% of our users, this feature should solve the biggest reason for wanting to be able to download games: to watch on the go.

If you feel strongly about being able to directly download games, please email us at support@ultiworld.com.

Where are the subscriber-only feature articles?
You can find all of our feature articles at ultiworld.com/feature.

Moving forward, most feature articles will only available to paid subscribers (indicated with a ) or visitors with a free Ultiworld Account (indicated with a ). A select few from the archives are available to everyone.

How do subscribers turn off ads?
Subscribers can enable/disable banner ads as their subscription plan allows by going to ultiworld.com/my-settings.

Where is the members-only discussion area? How do subscribers vote on filmed and/or streamed games?
All members-only discussion happens in the Ultiworld Forums.

Log in to the forums with your existing Ultiworld account and then go to the appropriate category for the membership tier: Subscribers Only (all subscribers), Video Talk (full and plus subscribers), VIPS (plus subscribers).



Other Questions

What’s the difference between an Ultiworld account, a Disqus account, a VHX account, and a Gumroad account?
We use Disqus as our comment platform and our new policy now requires that you create a Disqus account before commenting. We use VHX to host our video archives in 2016 and beyond. Prior to that, we used Gumroad to provide video archives (2015 and earlier). Ultiworld accounts are used for all other features on ultiworld.com, including buying and accessing an Ultiworld subscription.

What happened to the Individual Pack?
You will notice that we have removed the option to purchase an “individual pack”: a pay-upfront package for an entire college or club season. We know many have chosen this option in the past, but simplifying and standardizing our subscription helps us to focus on providing a high quality experience for all of our members.

Because we have reduced prices for the monthly Full Subscription, subscribing for an entire college season (or club season — or both!) is less expensive than last year’s individual pack!

Can I delete my account?
We will be sorry to see you go, but just email support@ultiworld.com from your account’s associated email and we can delete your account and all of your data.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?
Please email support@ultiworld.com if you have questions about purchasing subscriptions or Ultiworld accounts in general.



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