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Past Articles from Kahyee Fong

Kahyee Fong is an Ultiworld statistics contributor. He started playing Ultimate in high school for the Watchung Hills Warriors. He went on to play for — and captain — NYU’s college team. While at NYU, he studied finance and actuarial science. Email him at

  1. Creating Downfield Space: Using the 3-2 Split Stack

    Spacing is one thing that defines most great offenses. If you watch teams with good spacing, you’ll see every player engaged, knowing when to be…

  2. Zone Defenses At College Nationals: A Reference Guide to Playing (And Beating) Junks

    As the top college teams prepare to descend on Cincinnati for the College Championships, Ultiworld sat down with the season’s footage to identify some of…

  3. How #1 UNC Beat #2 Colorado: Video Breakdown

    This year’s Stanford Invite was defined by wind, rain delays, and upsets. Three out of top four seeds dropped at least one game in pool…

  4. Understanding Resets: How Pittsburgh Keeps Break Lanes Open

    Big skies, layout Ds, and full-field hucks get all the attention, but resets win games. Ultiworld's Reset Series starts by analyzing Pittsburgh’s breakside resets, one of the most unique reset systems in the college game.

  5. Avoiding Common Mistakes Against Zone Defense

    Photo by CBMT Creative. It’s Sunday.  It’s windy.  The high, blady pull lands on your goal line, and after stopping the roll, you look up to…

  6. Video Breakdown: The Club-Level Plays UNC Used to Win CCC

    We’re not even really into the true College Season yet – making ranking, analysis, and storylines difficult to predict.  But a few big-name programs brought…

  7. Top Heavy Doublewide Team Underdogs to Revolver in Semis

    Photo by Kevin Leclaire — “This tournament for us, frankly, is not about winning, it’s about developing young talent.” said Revolver coach Mike Payne.…

  8. Riot v. Scandal: Surge’s Dominance, Scandal’s Style and Predictions

    Sarah Griffith (Riot #6) gets a layout block against Shino Yoshen (Scandal #17)Photo by Brandon Wu — In their first game of the US…

  9. Strong NexGen Second Half Seals Victory over PoNY

    When New York’s Pride of New York (PoNY) went into their halftime team huddle down one point, there was a sense that they were on…

  10. How Do We Define Good Defense?

    When we talk, think, and strategize about Ultimate, defensive skill sometimes takes a back seat to offensive play. But we have begun to search for new ways to quantify good defense. Here we introduce one of those: the Ultiworld D rating.

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