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Wesley Cronk is the Vice President of Business Development of Ultiworld. Originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, he started playing ultimate in high school and split his college ultimate between the University of Florida and New York University. He has played open club with Vicious Cycle (Gainesville) and Fox Trot Swag Team Unity (New York). He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

You can reach him by email ( or on Twitter (@wescronk).

  1. The Real College Problem

    When David Gross, Commissioner of Major League Lacrosse, suggested that professional ultimate would be hindered by the fact that the sport does not have NCAA recognition, he…

  2. Considering Jumping Ship?

    In the wake of what could politely be described as a bumpy inaugural season, the American Ultimate Disc League has been reportedly making some huge changes to…

  3. Nighthawks

    While I appreciate that none of the newly announced MLU teams will be using typical names like the none of them really strike me as…

  4. Big Investment = Big Commitment

    When I first thought about it, $125,000 seemed like an unreasonable amount to expect anyone to invest in a start-up ultimate league.

  5. From Contenders to Champions: How Doublewide Won The Title

    Texas, Texas, yeehaw.

  6. Major League Ultimate Has Launched Another Teaser Site

    It looks like we’ll be waiting another month to find out what’s happening with Major League Ultimate.

  7. How Will Major League Ultimate Stack Up?

    With details beginning to emerge on Major League Ultimate, it’s natural to start pondering how the newly-formed professional league will differ from the American Ultimate Disc…

  8. How College Ultimate Changed Me

    Sports have always been an integral part of my life.

  9. Rethinking the Rules: Fouling Out

    It should be no surprise to anyone that’s followed college ultimate in recent years that when I first started playing competitively while at the University…

  10. How We Practice: Scrimmages vs. Drills

    Yes, we’re talking about practice. One thing every even semi-serious ultimate team has in common is that they practice.

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