College DI Women's Division

  1. Pittsburgh’s Carolyn Normile For Callahan

    One of the division’s biggest stars gets a slick nomination video chock full of highlights from college, club, and international competition.

  2. UCSB’s Julia Kwasnick For Callahan

    The first full women’s Callahan video of the year landed last month as the Burning Skirts nominate Julie Kwasnick.

  3. D-I Player of the Year 2018 Watchlist

    Who is in the best position to win the D-I Player of the Year after the regular season?

  4. Conference Championships 2018 Roundup

    See who’s headed to Regionals and D-III Nationals!

  5. The Disrespectful Sky Index: 2018 College Season, Pt. 1

    A light-hearted but also very serious look at some of the best skies from the first few months of the regular season.

  6. D-I Rookie of the Year 2018 Watchlist

    With the regular season wrapped up, let's look at the top D-I candidates for this year's Rookie of the Year Award in the men's and women's divisions.

  7. Friction Gloves Catch of the Month: Northwestern’s Grace Young


  8. 2018 All-Region Discussion Threads

    The hype train starts now.

  9. Presidents’ Day Invite 2018: Women’s Highlights

    San Diego swagger.

  10. College Update: Easterns, Huck Finn, DIII EastUR

    Find out what happened in the final weekend of the regular season!

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