USAU Club Men's Division

Upcoming Events (All times EDT)

  1. 2024 Select Flight Invite East
    Jul 27 - Jul 28 | |
  2. 2024 Select Flight Invite West
    Jul 27 - Jul 28 | |
  3. 2024 US Open
    Aug 2 - Aug 4 | |

  1. New York PoNY 2024 Roster

    With big changes on the roster, including some very talented departures, PoNY’s roster faces a new challenge in 2024.

  2. Club Power Rankings [7/17/24]

    The Pro-Elite Challenges gave us a first look at many of the continent's top teams - and shook up the rankings accordingly

  3. Pro-Elite Challenge West 2024: Tournament Recap (Men’s Division)

    Two of the west's best clashed in a tight tournament final.

  4. Pro-Elite Challenge East 2024: Tournament Recap (Men’s Division)

    Chicago and Boston come out of the gate swinging.

  5. Clubhouse Chatter: Did We Just See Championship Game Previews?

    Many of the continent’s premier teams made their opening statements.

  6. Pro-Elite Challenge West 2024: Day One Centering Pass

    While women's pool play went to chalk, some surprising upsets unfolded in the men's and mixed divisions

  7. Pro-Elite Challenge West 2024: A Way, Way, Way Too Early Progress Report (Men’s Div)

    Grading day-one performances from the men's division quarterfinalists at the western iteration of the season's first TCT event

  8. Denver Johnny Bravo 2024 Roster

    The 2023 semifinalists added both savvy vets and young college stars to their roster. Can it put them back atop the division?

  9. Pro-Elite Challenge West 2024: Preview

    Previewing the opening elite foray for (most of) the best of the West.

  10. Club Season Primer 2024: Men’s Division

    From major storylines to offseason shakeups to a potential new super team, we've got you covered for the club season.

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