2019 Pan American Ultimate Championships

Ultiworld is excited to provide reporting and numerous livestreamed games from the 2019 Pan American Ultimate Championships in Sarasota, Florida, from Monday November 4th through Friday November 8th.

WFDF and Ultiworld will be working together to livestream one featured match every round, broadcasting 12 games in total over the course of the event.

Get live updates on Twitter with @UltiworldLive or just follow along right here on our Live page with all the streams, previews, recaps, and much more from the tournament. After their conclusion, our filmed games will be added to our video archives accessible by Full and Plus Subscribers.

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Coverage Schedule (All times EST)

11/04 09:00 AM Chile Mixed v Osos Perezosos (Costa Rica) [X]
11/04 11:30 AM USA Virgin Islands v. Distilled Fink (USA) [MSTR X]
11/05 09:00 AM Panama v. La SĂ©ptima (Colombia) [W]
11/05 11:30 AM All Bashed Out (USA) v. Yanomami (Venezuela) [MSTR M]
11/06 09:00 AM CharrĂșa (Uruguay) v NGF LocoUltimate (Brazil) [X]
11/06 11:30 AM Alberta Flatball Club (Canada) v Domino (Dominican Republic) [M]
11/06 02:00 PM Johnny Walker (USA) v. Tombstone (Canada) [GMSTR M]
11/07 09:00 AM Stella (Canada) v. Bamboo (Colombia) [W Quarterfinal]
11/07 11:30 AM Evolution (Colombia) v. Comunidad El Oso (Colombia) [M Semifinal]
11/08 09:00 AM Warao (Venezuela) v. Comunidad el Oso (Colombia) [M Final]
11/08 11:15 AM Revolution (Colombia) v. Stella (Canda) [W Final]
11/08 01:45 PM Public Enemy (USA) v. Jughandle (USA) [X Final]

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