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USAU Approves Two New Discs For Championship Play

The Eurodisc Ultimate Organic disc.

USA Ultimate announced on Twitter this morning that two new disc molds have been approved for Championship play: the Discraft Ultrastar Web Mold II (Supercolor) and the Eurodisc Ultimate Organic. The discs, by extension, are also approved for international play under the World Flying Disc Federation.

The Web Mold II with a supercolor center becomes the 6th mold of the Discraft Ultrastar to be approved for the highest level of competition. Eurodisc becomes the fifth company alongside Discraft, Daredevil, X-Com, and Yikun to have a disc approved for championship play.

Discs are approved for various levels of play — Youth, General, and Championship — by a pool of players that are sent unmarked discs for testing. According to USA Ultimate, “a disc earns Championship Approval if it is accepted as ‘good enough for use in high level ultimate [competitions] such as competitive tournaments and USA Ultimate Championships Series events.’ This also requires a score of greater than 50% by members of the Flight Test Pool.”



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