Past Articles in AUDL

  1. Deep Look: AUDL Rebrands to UFA; New USAU Rules

    What the heck is the UFA and is frisbee back??

  2. The AUDL Rebrands to the Ultimate Frisbee Association

    The association licensed the word 'frisbee' from the owner of Wham-O Discs

  3. Deep Look: Pawel Janas and USAU Working Group Updates

    Machine Star and USAU representative, Pawel Janas stops by the show!

  4. AUDL To Make New Disc Ahead of 2024 Season

    Profit is the main motive behind the change.

  5. Sin The Fields: Pat Made Nationals

    We had to come back for this one.

  6. Huck and Hope: Episode 6 – Chasing the Dragon

    Check out episode 6 of Huck and Hope!

  7. Deep Look: Pro Champs Recap, Mizener and Barnett

    Chat with the Pro Champs, Champs!

  8. Deep Look: AUDL Championship Recap, USAU Pro Championships Preview

    The Empire lived up to their name!

  9. Deep Look: Patrick Stegemoeller, Elite-Select Challenge, and AUDL Championship

    Patrick Stegemoeller jumps in to talk club, AUDL, and his new podcast!

  10. Sin The Fields: Shameless Promotional Cashgrab Special Episode

    Check in with Pat and Tad after a year hiatus.

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