Past Articles in Callahan

  1. Tufts’ Rachel Kramer For Callahan

    Check out Tufts’ Callahan nominee Rachel Kramer balling out in her video.

  2. Whitman’s Nina Finley For Callahan

    Whitman nominates Nina Finley, the two-team World Juniors player and 2013 Freshman of the Year in the Ohio Valley when she played at Ohio State,…

  3. Wisconsin’s Anneke Vermaak For Callahan

    Wisconsin nominates their outstanding handler Anneke Vermaak for the 2017 Callahan Award. Check out her video.

  4. Ohio State’s Alaine Wetli For Callahan

    Ohio State’s Alaine “Shakes” Wetli gets the team’s Callahan nomination in just her fourth¬†year playing ultimate. Check out her video.

  5. Appalachian State’s Myles Grady For Callahan

    Myles Grady is literally unstoppable. Check out his hilarious Callahan video.

  6. Stanford’s Elliott Chartock For Callahan

    Stanford’s Elliott Chartock never played ultimate before college. Now he’s one of the best center handlers in the country. Check out his Callahan video.

  7. Cornell’s Kimberly Brown For Callahan

    The Cornell Wild Roses nominate Kimberly Brown for Callahan. Here’s her video.

  8. Case Western’s Tarik Akyuz For Callahan

    He’s simply too big to fail. Check out Case Western’s Tarik Akyuz for Callahan.

  9. Wisconsin’s Ross Barker For Callahan

    From hitting the game-winning shot to claim the Minnesota¬†high school basketball championship to getting the Wisconsin Hodags’ nomination for Callahan, Ross Barker has a knack…

  10. Kansas’ Clare Frantz For Callahan

    Kansas star and All-Star Tour alumna Clare Frantz gets the Callahan Award nomination from the Bettys. Check out her video.

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