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Past Articles in jeff snader

  1. USA Ultimate Blocks MLU Jersey Sponsorship In College Series, Other Championship Events

    USA Ultimate has blocked Major League Ultimate from sponsoring team jerseys that will be used in USAU Championship events like the College Series, Ultiworld has learned.

  2. Transcript: A Conversation With MLU Commissioner Jeff Snader

    I spoke with MLU Commissioner Jeff Snader last week on our podcast, Deep Look. Here is the transcript of our conversation, lightly edited for clarity.

  3. Deep Look: A Conversation With MLU Commissioner Jeff Snader – Episode 25

    Ultiworld Editor Charlie Eisenhood talks with Major League Ultimate Founder and Commissioner Jeff Snader about the league’s upcoming second season, their vision for the future,…

  4. Major League Ultimate Answers Questions About Offseason, 2014

    On Facebook and Twitter today, Major League Ultimate Commissioner Jeff Snader and Vice President Nic Darling answered questions from users about the league, the offseason,…

  5. MLU Addresses Malecek Situation In Memo; Malecek Apologizes

    Ultiworld has obtained a copy of a memo sent by Jeff Snader, the Commissioner of Major League Ultimate, about the Brandon "Muffin" Malecek situation. It includes a lengthy apology from Malecek.

  6. How Will The ESPN Deal Affect The Pro Leagues?

    Back on our second episode of Deep Look, Ultiworld’s weekly podcast, Wes Cronk and I talked about the prospect of USA Ultimate landing an ESPN…

  7. Major League Ultimate Faces Questions After Dropping Two Teams

    Late Monday night, Major League Ultimate launched their team websites and made a number of announcements pertaining to staff, stadiums, and the upcoming season.

  8. AUDL v. MLU: An Investor Considers His Options

    We’ve heard about the American Ultimate Disc League and Major League Ultimate from a lot of perspectives.

  9. Deep Look: Professional Ultimate And The Triple Crown Tour — Episode 1

    Welcome to the first edition of Deep Look, Ultiworld’s new weekly radio show/podcast.

  10. New Details Emerge About Major League Ultimate With Launch Of Website

    The countdown clock finally hit zero and more details about Major League Ultimate emerged today as the organization launched a new website, releasing information about…

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