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    1. Air Force (USAU College D-III Men's)
    2. Air Force (USAU College D-III Women's)
    3. Alabama (USAU College D-I Men's)
    4. Alabama-Huntsville (USAU College D-I Men's)
    5. Allderdice (PA) (USAU High School Girls)
    6. Allegheny (USAU College D-III Men's)
    7. Allegheny (USAU College D-III Women's)
    8. Amherst (USAU College D-III Women's)
    9. Amherst (USAU College D-III Men's)
    10. Amherst (MA) (USAU High School Boys)
    11. Amherst (MA) (USAU High School Girls)
    12. Amherst Sprout (USAU Club Men's)
    13. Ann Arbor Hybrid (USAU Club Mixed)
    14. Arizona State (USAU College D-I Men's)
    15. Arkansas Dreadnought (USAU Club Men's)
    16. Armstrong (MN) (USAU High School Girls)
    17. Army West Point (USAU College D-III Men's)
    18. Asheville Cahoots (USAU Club Mixed)
    19. Asheville Superlame (USAU Club Mixed)
    20. Atlanta Bucket (USAU Club Mixed)
    21. Atlanta Chain Lightning (USAU Club Men's)
    22. Atlanta Hustle (AUDL Atlantic)
    23. Atlanta Outbreak (USAU Club Women's)
    24. Atlanta Ozone (USAU Club Women's)
    25. Atlanta Soul (Premier Ultimate League (PUL))
    26. Auburn (USAU College D-I Men's)
    27. Auburn (USAU College D-I Women's)
    28. Austin Cosa Nostra (USAU Club Mixed)
    29. Austin Doublewide (USAU Club Men's)
    30. Austin Sol (AUDL Atlantic)
    31. Austin Torch (Premier Ultimate League (PUL))
    32. Ballard (WA) (USAU High School Girls)
    33. Baltimore Backhanded (USAU Club Women's)
    34. Baltimore Medicine Men (USAU Club Men's)
    35. Bates (USAU College D-III Women's)
    36. Bates (USAU College D-III Men's)
    37. Bentley (USAU College D-III Women's)
    38. Bentley (USAU College D-III Men's)
    39. Berkeley (CA) (USAU High School Girls)
    40. Berkeley High Coup (CA) (USAU High School Boys)
    41. Berry (USAU College D-III Men's)
    42. BFA Fairfax (VT) (USAU High School Girls)
    43. Birmingham Steel (USAU Club Women's)
    44. Boise BoyShe (USAU Club Mixed)
    45. Boise Lochsa (USAU Club Mixed)
    46. Boston Big Wrench (USAU Club Men's)
    47. Boston Brute Squad (USAU Club Women's)
    48. Boston College (USAU College D-I Men's)
    49. Boston Dig (USAU Club Men's)
    50. Boston Garuda (USAU Club Men's)
    51. Boston Ghosts (USAU Club Mixed)
    52. Boston Ironside (USAU Club Men's)
    53. Boston League Of Shadows (USAU Club Mixed)
    54. Boston Siege (USAU Club Women's)
    55. Boston Slow White (USAU Club Mixed)
    56. Boston Snake Country (USAU Club Mixed)
    57. Boston Whitecaps (MLU East)
    58. Boston Wild Card (USAU Club Mixed)
    59. Bowdoin (USAU College D-III Men's)
    60. Bowdoin (USAU College D-III Women's)
    61. Brandeis (USAU College D-III Women's)
    62. Brandeis (USAU College D-III Men's)
    63. Brebeuf Jesuit (IN) (USAU High School Girls)
    64. Brigham Young (USAU College D-I Men's)
    65. Brigham Young (USAU College D-I Women's)
    66. British Columbia (USAU College D-I Women's)
    67. British Columbia (USAU College D-I Men's)
    68. Brown (USAU College D-I Men's)
    69. Bryant (USAU College D-III Men's)
    70. Bush (WA) (USAU High School Girls)
    71. Cal Poly SLO (USAU College D-I Men's)
    72. Cal Poly SLO (USAU College D-I Women's)
    73. Cal State Long Beach (USAU College D-I Men's)
    74. California (USAU College D-I Women's)
    75. California (USAU College D-I Men's)
    76. Carleton (USAU College D-I Men's)
    77. Carleton (USAU College D-I Women's)
    78. Carleton Eclipse (USAU College D-III Women's)
    79. Carleton GoP (USAU College D-III Men's)
    80. Carolina Friends (NC) (USAU High School Boys)
    81. Carolina Friends (NC) (USAU High School Girls)
    82. Carrboro (NC) (USAU High School Boys)
    83. Case Western (USAU College D-I Women's)
    84. Case Western (USAU College D-I Men's)
    85. Catholic (LA) (USAU High School Boys)
    86. Catholic University (USAU College D-III Women's)
    87. Cedarville (USAU College D-III Men's)
    88. Center Grove Ultimate (IN) (USAU High School)
    89. Central Florida (USAU College D-I Men's)
    90. Central Florida (USAU College D-I Women's)
    91. Central Michigan (USAU College D-I Women's)
    92. Chapel Hill (NC) (USAU High School Boys)
    93. Chapel Hill (NC) (USAU High School Girls)
    94. Charleston Pluff Mud Panic (USAU Club Mixed)
    95. Charlotte Storm (USAU Club Mixed)
    96. Chicago Dish (USAU Club Women's)
    97. Chicago Machine (USAU Club Men's)
    98. Chicago Nemesis (USAU Club Women's)
    99. Chicago Spicy Tuna (USAU Club Women's)
    100. Chicago U54 Ultimate (USAU Club Mixed)
    101. Chicago UPA (USAU Club Mixed)
    102. Chicago Wildfire (AUDL Central)
    103. Christopher Newport (USAU College D-III Women's)
    104. Cincinnati (USAU College D-I Women's)
    105. Cincinnati (USAU College D-I Men's)
    106. Cincinnati Steamboat (USAU Club Mixed)
    107. Claremont (USAU College D-III Women's)
    108. Claremont (USAU College D-III Men's)
    109. Clemson (USAU College D-I Women's)
    110. Cleveland (WA) (USAU High School Girls)
    111. Cleveland (WA) (USAU High School Boys)
    112. Cleveland Smokestack (USAU Club Men's)
    113. Colby (USAU College D-III Women's)
    114. Colby (USAU College D-III Men's)
    115. Colorado (USAU College D-I Men's)
    116. Colorado (USAU College D-I Women's)
    117. Colorado College (USAU College D-III Men's)
    118. Colorado College (USAU College D-I Women's)
    119. Colorado Jackwagon (USAU Club Women's)
    120. Colorado School of Mines (USAU College D-III Men's)
    121. Colorado State (USAU College D-I Men's)
    122. Colorado State (USAU College D-I Women's)
    123. Columbia (NJ) (USAU High School Boys)
    124. Columbus Cocktails (USAU Club Mixed)
    125. Columbus Madcow (USAU Club Men's)
    126. Columbus Pride (Premier Ultimate League (PUL))
    127. Columbus Rival (USAU Club Women's)
    128. Columbus Santa Maria (USAU Club Mixed)
    129. Connecticut (USAU College D-I Men's)
    130. Connecticut Metro North (USAU Club Mixed)
    131. Contraband (USAU College D-I Men's)
    132. Cornell (USAU College D-I Men's)
    133. Corvallis (OR) (USAU High School Girls)
    134. Crescent Valley (OR) (USAU High School Girls)
    135. Dallas Maeve (USAU Club Women's)
    136. Dallas Nitro (USAU Club Men's)
    137. Dallas Plex (USAU Club Men's)
    138. Dallas Public Enemy (USAU Club Mixed)
    139. Dallas Roughnecks (AUDL Atlantic)
    140. Dartmouth (USAU College)
    141. Dartmouth (USAU College D-I Women's)
    142. Davidson (USAU College D-III Women's)
    143. Davidson (USAU College D-III Men's)
    144. DC Breeze (AUDL East)
    145. DC Current (MLU East)
    146. De Smet (MO) (USAU High School Boys)
    147. Denver Inception (USAU Club Men's)
    148. Denver Johnny Bravo (USAU Club Men's)
    149. Denver Love Tractor (USAU Club Mixed)
    150. Denver Mesteño (USAU Club Mixed)
    151. Denver Molly Brown (USAU Club Women's)
    152. Denver Small Batch (USAU Club Women's)
    153. Des Moines Metro (USAU Club Mixed)
    154. Detroit Mechanix (AUDL Central)
    155. Dickinson (USAU College D-III Men's)
    156. Dickinson (USAU College D-III Women's)
    157. Drake (USAU College D-III Women's)
    158. Drexel (USAU College D-I Men's)
    159. Druid Hills (USAU High School Boys)
    160. Duke (USAU College D-I Women's)
    161. Durham (NC) (USAU High School Girls)
    162. Durham Academy (NC) (USAU High School Boys)
    163. Durham Brickhouse (USAU Club Men's)
    164. Durham Toro (USAU Club Mixed)
    165. Durham Turbine (USAU Club Men's)
    166. Eagan (MN) (USAU High School Girls)
    167. East Chapel Hill (NC) (USAU High School Boys)
    168. East Chapel Hill (NC) (USAU High School Girls)
    169. Eastern Michigan (USAU College D-I Men's)
    170. Edina High School (MN) (USAU High School Boys)
    171. Edina High School (MN) (USAU High School Girls)
    172. El Cerrito (CA) (USAU High School Boys)
    173. Elon (USAU College D-III Women's)
    174. Elon (USAU College D-III Men's)
    175. Emory (USAU College D-I Men's)
    176. Fishers (IN) (USAU High School Boys)
    177. Florida (USAU College D-I Men's)
    178. Florida (USAU College D-I Women's)
    179. Florida State (USAU College D-I Men's)
    180. Florida State (USAU College D-I Women's)
    181. Florida Tabby Rosa (USAU Club Women's)
    182. Florida Tech (USAU College D-III Men's)
    183. Florida United (USAU Club Men's)
    184. Florida Weird (USAU Club Mixed)
    185. Fort Collins shame. (USAU Club Mixed)
    186. Four Rivers (MA) (USAU High School Boys)
    187. Four Rivers (MA) (USAU High School Girls)
    188. Fox Chapel (PA) (USAU High School Girls)
    189. Fox Valley (IL) (USAU High School Boys)
    190. Franciscan (USAU College D-III Men's)
    191. Franklin (WA) (USAU High School Boys)
    192. Franklin (WA) (USAU High School Girls)
    193. Gainesville G-Unit (USAU Club Mixed)
    194. Garfield (WA) (USAU High School Boys)
    195. Garfield (WA) (USAU High School Girls)
    196. George Mason (USAU College D-I Men's)
    197. George Mason University (USAU College D-I Women's)
    198. Georgetown (USAU College D-I Women's)
    199. Georgetown (USAU College D-I Men's)
    200. Georgia (USAU College D-I Men's)
    201. Georgia (USAU College D-I Women's)
    202. Georgia College (USAU College D-III Women's)
    203. Georgia College (USAU College D-III Men's)
    204. Georgia Tech (USAU College D-I Women's)
    205. Georgia Tech (USAU College D-I Men's)
    206. Gonzaga (USAU College D-I Men's)
    207. Grady (GA) (USAU High School Girls)
    208. Grady (GA) (USAU High School Boys)
    209. Great River (MN) (USAU High School Boys)
    210. Great River (MN) (USAU High School Girls)
    211. Green Canyon (UT) (USAU High School Girls)
    212. Green Canyon (UT) (USAU High School Boys)
    213. Green Hope (NC) (USAU High School Girls)
    214. Grinnell (USAU College D-III Men's)
    215. Grinnell (USAU College D-III Women's)
    216. GRUT (International)
    217. Gunn (CA) (USAU High School Boys)
    218. Halifax Salty (USAU Club Women's)
    219. Hamilton (USAU College D-III Women's)
    220. Hamilton (USAU College D-III Men's)
    221. Harding (USAU College D-III Women's)
    222. Harvard (USAU College D-I Men's)
    223. Harvard (USAU College D-I Women's)
    224. Haverford (USAU College D-III Men's)
    225. Haverford (PA) (USAU High School Girls)
    226. Haverford and Bryn Mawr (USAU College D-III Women's)
    227. HB Woodlawn (VA) (USAU High School Boys)
    228. HB Woodlawn (VA) (USAU High School Girls)
    229. High Country Homeschoolers (NC) (USAU High School Girls)
    230. High Point (USAU College D-III Men's)
    231. Holy Family Catholic (OH) (USAU High School Boys)
    232. Holy Family Catholic (OH) (USAU High School Girls)
    233. Holy Names (WA) (USAU High School Girls)
    234. Hopkins (MN) (USAU High School Boys)
    235. Hopkins (MN) (USAU High School Girls)
    236. Hotchkiss (CT) (USAU High School Boys)
    237. Houston H.I.P. (USAU Club Men's)
    238. Houston Inferno (USAU Club Women's)
    239. Huntsville Freaks (USAU Club Men's)
    240. Illinois (USAU College D-I Men's)
    241. Independence (TN) (USAU High School Girls)
    242. Indiana Wesleyan (USAU College D-III Men's)
    243. Indianapolis Alleycats (AUDL Central)
    244. Indianapolis Brickyard (USAU Club Men's)
    245. Indianapolis Interrobang (USAU Club Mixed)
    246. Indianapolis Red (Premier Ultimate League (PUL))
    247. Indianapolis Rogue (USAU Club Women's)
    248. Ingraham (WA) (USAU High School Boys)
    249. Ingraham (WA) (USAU High School Girls)
    250. Iowa (USAU College D-I Men's)
    251. Iowa Chad Larson Experience (USAU Club Mixed)
    252. Iowa City West (IA) (USAU High School Boys)
    253. Iowa State (USAU College D-I Men's)
    254. Iowa State (USAU College D-I Women's)
    255. Japan Buzz Bullets (International)
    256. JMU (USAU College D-I Women's)
    257. JMU (USAU College D-I Men's)
    258. John Brown (USAU College D-III Women's)
    259. John Brown (USAU College D-III Men's)
    260. Jordan (NC) (USAU High School Boys)
    261. Kansas (USAU College D-I Women's)
    262. Kansas City Prairie Fire (USAU Club Men's)
    263. Kansas City Wicked (USAU Club Women's)
    264. Kenyon (USAU College D-III Men's)
    265. Knox (USAU College D-III Women's)
    266. Knoxville (TN) (USAU High School Girls)
    267. Lakeside (GA) (USAU High School Boys)
    268. Lakeside (WA) (USAU High School Boys)
    269. Lakeside (WA) (USAU High School Girls)
    270. Las Positas (USAU College D-I Men's)
    271. Lehigh (USAU College D-III Women's)
    272. Lehigh (USAU College D-III Men's)
    273. Lewis & Clark (USAU College D-III Men's)
    274. Lewis and Clark (USAU College D-III Women's)
    275. Lexington (MA) (USAU High School Boys)
    276. Lexington (MA) (USAU High School Girls)
    277. Lexington Homeschoolers (KY) (USAU High School Boys)
    278. Lincoln (WA) (USAU High School)
    279. Lone Peak (UT) (USAU High School Boys)
    280. Lone Peak (UT) (USAU High School Girls)
    281. Los Angeles 7 Figures (USAU Club Mixed)
    282. Los Angeles Aviators (AUDL West)
    283. Los Angeles Lotus (USAU Club Mixed)
    284. Los Angeles Viva (USAU Club Women's)
    285. Lower Merion (PA) (USAU High School Girls)
    286. LSU (USAU College D-I Men's)
    287. Luther (USAU College D-III Men's)
    288. Luther (USAU College D-III Women's)
    289. Macalester Blue Monkeys (USAU College D-III Men's)
    290. Madison Boomtown Pandas (USAU Club Mixed)
    291. Madison Club (USAU Club Men's)
    292. Madison Heist (USAU Club Women's)
    293. Madison NOISE (USAU Club Mixed)
    294. Madison Radicals (AUDL Central)
    295. Madison West (WI) (USAU High School Boys)
    296. Madison West (WI) (USAU High School Girls)
    297. Madison Yogosbo (USAU Club Men's)
    298. MadMen (USAU Club Men's)
    299. Marcus (TX) (USAU High School Girls)
    300. Marcus (TX) (USAU High School Boys)
    301. Marist (USAU College D-III Men's)
    302. Mary Washington (USAU College D-III Women's)
    303. Mary Washington (USAU College D-III Men's)
    304. Maryland (USAU College D-I Men's)
    305. Masconomet (MA) (USAU High School Boys)
    306. Mason (OH) (USAU High School Boys)
    307. Massachusetts (USAU College D-I Men's)
    308. Medellin Revolution (Premier Ultimate League (PUL))
    309. Messiah (USAU College D-III Men's)
    310. Messiah (USAU College D-III Women's)
    311. Miami (USAU College D-I Women's)
    312. Miami (USAU College D-I Men's)
    313. Michigan (USAU College D-I Men's)
    314. Michigan (USAU College D-I Women's)
    315. Michigan High Five (USAU Club Men's)
    316. Michigan Tech (USAU College D-III Women's)
    317. Michigan Tech (USAU College D-III Men's)
    318. Middlebury (USAU College D-III Men's)
    319. Middlebury (USAU College D-III Women's)
    320. Middletown (CT) (USAU High School Boys)
    321. Milford (OH) (USAU High School Boys)
    322. Minneapolis Bird (USAU Club Mixed)
    323. Minneapolis Drag’N Thrust (USAU Club Mixed)
    324. Minneapolis No Touching (USAU Club Mixed)
    325. Minneapolis Pop (USAU Club Women's)
    326. Minneapolis Sub Zero (USAU Club Men's)
    327. Minnesota (USAU College D-I Men's)
    328. Minnesota (USAU College D-I Women's)
    329. Minnesota Wind Chill (AUDL Central)
    330. Mississippi (USAU College D-I Men's)
    331. Missoula Mental Toss Flycoons (USAU Club Mixed)
    332. Missouri (USAU College D-I Men's)
    333. Missouri S&T (USAU College D-III Women's)
    334. Missouri S&T (USAU College D-III Men's)
    335. Monarch (CO) (USAU High School Girls)
    336. Montana MOONDOG (USAU Club Mixed)
    337. Montana State (USAU College D-I Men's)
    338. Montreal Mockingbird (USAU Club Men's)
    339. Montreal Royal (AUDL East)
    340. Mounds View (MN) (USAU High School Boys)
    341. Mount Holyoke (USAU College D-III Women's)
    342. Mount Notre Dame (OH) (USAU High School Girls)
    343. Nashville Encore (USAU Club Women's)
    344. Nashville Nightshade (Premier Ultimate League (PUL))
    345. Nashville Nightwatch (AUDL Atlantic)
    346. Nathan Hale (WA) (USAU High School Boys)
    347. Nathan Hale (WA) (USAU High School Girls)
    348. Navy (USAU College D-III Men's)
    349. NC State (USAU College D-I Women's)
    350. NC State (USAU College D-I Men's)
    351. Neuqua Valley (IL) (USAU High School Boys)
    352. Neuqua Valley (IL) (USAU High School Girls)
    353. New Hampshire (USAU College D-I Men's)
    354. New Jersey Garden State Ultimate (USAU Club Men's)
    355. New Jersey Jughandle (USAU Club Mixed)
    356. New York 7 Express (USAU Club Mixed)
    357. New York BENT (USAU Club Women's)
    358. New York Empire (AUDL East)
    359. New York Gridlock (Premier Ultimate League (PUL))
    360. New York PoNY (USAU Club Men's)
    361. New York Rumble (MLU East)
    362. New York SHUYAMOUF (USAU Club Mixed)
    363. New York XIST (USAU Club Mixed)
    364. Newton North (MA) (USAU High School Boys)
    365. Newton North (MA) (USAU High School Girls)
    366. North Allegheny (PA) (USAU High School Boys)
    367. North Allegheny (PA) (USAU High School Girls)
    368. North Carolina (USAU College D-I Men's)
    369. North Carolina (USAU College D-I Women's)
    370. North Georgia (USAU College D-III Men's)
    371. North Georgia (USAU College D-III Women's)
    372. North Park (USAU College D-III Women's)
    373. North Park (USAU College D-III Men's)
    374. Northampton (MA) (USAU High School Girls)
    375. Northeastern (USAU College D-I Men's)
    376. Northeastern (USAU College D-I Women's)
    377. Northern Iowa (USAU College D-I Men's)
    378. Northwest (WA) (USAU High School Girls)
    379. Northwestern (USAU College D-I Men's)
    380. Northwestern (USAU College D-I Women's)
    381. Notre Dame Papal Rage (USAU College D-I Men's)
    382. Notre Dame Womb (USAU College D-I Women's)
    383. NYU (USAU College D-I Men's)
    384. NYU (USAU College D-I Women's)
    385. Oakland Guerrilla (USAU Club Men's)
    386. Oakland LOL (USAU Club Women's)
    387. Oberlin (USAU College D-III Men's)
    388. Oberlin (USAU College D-III Women's)
    389. Occidental (USAU College D-III Men's)
    390. Occidental (USAU College D-III Women's)
    391. Ohio State (USAU College D-I Men's)
    392. Ohio State (USAU College D-I Women's)
    393. Ohio Wesleyan (USAU College D-III Men's)
    394. Ohio Wesleyan (USAU College D-III Women's)
    395. Oklahoma Christian (USAU College D-III Men's)
    396. Olivet Nazarene (USAU College D-III Men's)
    397. Omaha Woodwork (USAU Club Mixed)
    398. Ontario Crash (USAU Club Mixed)
    399. Oregon (USAU College D-I Men's)
    400. Oregon (USAU College D-I Women's)
    401. Oregon Administrators (USAU Club Mixed)
    402. Oregon State (USAU College D-I Men's)
    403. Orlando Omen (USAU Club Men's)
    404. Ottawa Iron Crow (USAU Club Men's)
    405. Ottawa Outlaws (AUDL East)
    406. Ottawa Phoenix (USAU Club Men's)
    407. Ottawa Stella (USAU Club Women's)
    408. Pacific Lutheran (USAU College D-III Men's)
    409. Pacific Lutheran (USAU College D-III Women's)
    410. Paideia (GA) (USAU High School Boys)
    411. Paideia (GA) (USAU High School Girls)
    412. Palo Alto Boost FC (USAU Club Men's)
    413. Pennsbury (PA) (USAU High School Boys)
    414. Philadelphia AMP (USAU Club Mixed)
    415. Philadelphia Green (USAU Club Women's)
    416. Philadelphia Patrol (USAU Club Men's)
    417. Philadelphia Phoenix (AUDL East)
    418. Philadelphia Spinners (MLU East)
    419. Phoenix Sprawl (USAU Club Men's)
    420. Pine Richland (PA) (USAU High School Boys)
    421. Pittsburgh (USAU College D-I Men's)
    422. Pittsburgh (USAU College D-I Women's)
    423. Pittsburgh Alloy (USAU Club Mixed)
    424. Pittsburgh Hot Metal (USAU Club Women's)
    425. Pittsburgh Love Bomb (USAU Club Mixed)
    426. Pittsburgh Temper (USAU Club Men's)
    427. Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (AUDL Central)
    428. Portland (USAU College D-III Men's)
    429. Portland (USAU College D-III Women's)
    430. Portland Engine 45 (USAU Club Mixed)
    431. Portland Rhino Slam (USAU Club Men's)
    432. Portland Schwa (USAU Club Women's)
    433. Portland Stags (MLU West)
    434. Princeton (USAU College D-III Women's)
    435. Puget Sound (USAU College D-III Women's)
    436. Puget Sound (USAU College D-III Men's)
    437. Purdue (USAU College D-I Men's)
    438. Quebec Iris (USAU Club Women's)
    439. Québec Nova (USAU Club Women's)
    440. Radnor (PA) (USAU High School Boys)
    441. Radnor (PA) (USAU High School Girls)
    442. Rainbow (USAU Club Mixed)
    443. Rainier Beach (WA) (USAU High School Girls)
    444. Raleigh Flyers (AUDL Atlantic)
    445. Raleigh Phoenix (USAU Club Women's)
    446. Raleigh Radiance (Premier Ultimate League (PUL))
    447. Raleigh Ring Of Fire (USAU Club Men's)
    448. Raleighwood (USAU Club Mixed)
    449. Rhode Island (USAU College D-I Men's)
    450. Rice (USAU College D-III Women's)
    451. Rice (USAU College D-III Men's)
    452. Richmond (USAU College D-III Women's)
    453. Richmond (USAU College D-III Men's)
    454. Richmond Floodwall (USAU Club Men's)
    455. Roosevelt (WA) (USAU High School Girls)
    456. RPI (USAU College D-III Women's)
    457. RPI (USAU College D-III Men's)
    458. Rutgers (USAU College D-I Women's)
    459. Rutgers (USAU College D-I Men's)
    460. Salt Lake City Elevate (USAU Club Women's)
    461. Samford (USAU College D-III Men's)
    462. San Diego Dorado (USAU Club Mixed)
    463. San Diego Growlers (AUDL West)
    464. San Diego State (USAU College D-I Women's)
    465. San Diego Streetgang (USAU Club Men's)
    466. San Diego Wildfire (USAU Club Women's)
    467. San Francisco American BBQ (USAU Club Mixed)
    468. San Francisco Blackbird (USAU Club Mixed)
    469. San Francisco Dogfish (MLU West)
    470. San Francisco Donuts (USAU Club Mixed)
    471. San Francisco Fury (USAU Club Women's)
    472. San Francisco Groove (USAU Club Mixed)
    473. San Francisco Mischief (USAU Club Mixed)
    474. San Francisco Nightlock (USAU Club Women's)
    475. San Francisco Polar Bears (USAU Club Mixed)
    476. San Francisco Revolver (USAU Club Men's)
    477. San Jose BW Ultimate (USAU Club Mixed)
    478. San Jose Spiders (AUDL West)
    479. Science Leadership Academy (PA) (USAU High School Boys)
    480. Seattle Academy of Arts & Sciences (WA) (USAU High School Girls)
    481. Seattle BFG (USAU Club Mixed)
    482. Seattle Birdfruit (USAU Club Mixed)
    483. Seattle Cascades (AUDL West)
    484. Seattle Lights Out (USAU Club Mixed)
    485. Seattle Mixtape (USAU Club Mixed)
    486. Seattle Pegasus (USAU Club Mixed)
    487. Seattle Rainmakers (MLU West)
    488. Seattle Riot (USAU Club Women's)
    489. Seattle Sockeye (USAU Club Men's)
    490. Seattle The D’OH Abides (USAU Club Mixed)
    491. Seattle Underground (USAU Club Women's)
    492. Seattle Voodoo (USAU Club Men's)
    493. Seattle Waldorf (WA) (USAU High School Boys)
    494. SF Flame Throwers (AUDL West)
    495. Shippensburg (USAU College D-III Men's)
    496. Skidmore (USAU College)
    497. Sky View (UT) (USAU High School Boys)
    498. Smith (USAU College D-III Women's)
    499. SoCal Condors (USAU Club Men's)
    500. South (MN) (USAU High School Girls)
    501. South Carolina (USAU College D-I Men's)
    502. South Carolina (USAU College D-I Women's)
    503. South Eugene (OR) (USAU High School Boys)
    504. South Eugene (OR) (USAU High School Girls)
    505. Southern California (USAU College D-I Men's)
    506. Southern California (USAU College D-I Women's)
    507. St. Benedict (USAU College D-III Women's)
    508. St. John’s (USAU College)
    509. St. Johns (USAU College D-III Men's)
    510. St. Louis Chalice (USAU Club Mixed)
    511. St. Olaf (USAU College D-III Women's)
    512. St. Olaf (USAU College D-III Men's)
    513. Stanford (USAU College D-I Men's)
    514. Stanford (USAU College D-I Women's)
    515. STEM Academy (TN) (USAU High School Boys)
    516. Stevens Tech (USAU College D-III Men's)
    517. Stonehill (USAU College D-III Women's)
    518. Sul Ross State (USAU College D-III Men's)
    519. Summit (OR) (USAU High School Boys)
    520. SUNY Fredonia (USAU College D-III Men's)
    521. SUNY Geneseo (USAU College D-III Women's)
    522. SUNY Geneseo (USAU College D-III Men's)
    523. Swarthmore (USAU College D-III Women's)
    524. Swing Vote (USAU High School)
    525. Syracuse (USAU College D-I Men's)
    526. Tampa Bay Cannons (AUDL Atlantic)
    527. Temple University (USAU College D-I Men's)
    528. Tennessee-Chattanooga (USAU College D-I Women's)
    529. Tennessee-Chattanooga (USAU College D-I Men's)
    530. Texas (USAU College D-I Men's)
    531. Texas (USAU College D-I Women's)
    532. Texas A&M (USAU College D-I Men's)
    533. Texas Christian (USAU College D-I Women's)
    534. Texas Showdown (USAU Club Women's)
    535. Texas Tech (USAU College D-I Men's)
    536. Toronto 6ixers (USAU Club Women's)
    537. Toronto Capitals (USAU Club Women's)
    538. Toronto GOAT (USAU Club Men's)
    539. Toronto Rush (AUDL East)
    540. Toronto Union (USAU Club Mixed)
    541. Towson (USAU College D-I Men's)
    542. Trinity (USAU College D-III Women's)
    543. Truman State (USAU College D-III Men's)
    544. Truman State (USAU College D-III Women's)
    545. Tufts (USAU College D-I Men's)
    546. Tufts (USAU College D-I Women's)
    547. Tulane (USAU College D-I Men's)
    548. Tuscaloosa Southern Hospitality (USAU Club Men's)
    549. UC Davis (USAU College D-I Men's)
    550. UC Davis (USAU College D-I Women's)
    551. UC San Diego (USAU College D-I Men's)
    552. UC San Diego (USAU College D-I Women's)
    553. UC Santa Barbara (USAU College D-I Men's)
    554. UC Santa Barbara (USAU College D-I Women's)
    555. UCLA (USAU College D-I Men's)
    556. UCLA (USAU College D-I Women's)
    557. UNC Asheville (USAU College D-III Men's)
    558. UNC Asheville (USAU College D-III Women's)
    559. UNC Wilmington (USAU College D-I Men's)
    560. UNC Wilmington (USAU College D-I Women's)
    561. Union (USAU College D-III Men's)
    562. University School of Nashville (TN) (USAU High School Girls)
    563. UT Dallas (USAU College D-I Men's)
    564. Utah (USAU College D-I Women's)
    565. Utah Powderhogs (USAU Club Men's)
    566. UW-La Crosse (USAU College D-I Women's)
    567. UW-La Crosse (USAU College D-I Men's)
    568. UW–Whitewater (USAU College D-I Men's)
    569. Valparaiso (USAU College D-III Women's)
    570. Valparaiso (USAU College D-III Men's)
    571. Vancouver Furious George (USAU Club Men's)
    572. Vancouver Nighthawks (MLU West)
    573. Vancouver Sneaky House Hippos (USAU Club Women's)
    574. Vancouver Traffic (USAU Club Women's)
    575. Vermont (USAU College D-I Women's)
    576. Vermont (USAU College D-I Men's)
    577. Victoria (USAU College D-I Women's)
    578. Victoria (USAU College D-I Men's)
    579. Villanova Main Line (USAU College D-I Men's)
    580. Virginia (USAU College D-I Women's)
    581. Virginia Rebellion (USAU Club Women's)
    582. Virginia Tech (USAU College D-I Men's)
    583. Virginia Vault (USAU Club Men's)
    584. Wake Forest (USAU College D-III Women's)
    585. Wake Forest (USAU College D-III Men's)
    586. Washington (USAU College D-I Women's)
    587. Washington (USAU College D-I Men's)
    588. Washington DC Ambiguous Grey (USAU Club Mixed)
    589. Washington DC Grit (USAU Club Women's)
    590. Washington DC Rally (USAU Club Mixed)
    591. Washington DC Scandal (USAU Club Women's)
    592. Washington DC Space Heater (USAU Club Mixed)
    593. Washington DC Truck Stop (USAU Club Men's)
    594. Washington University (USAU College D-I Men's)
    595. Washington University (USAU College D-I Women's)
    596. Washington-Lee (VA) (USAU High School Boys)
    597. Watchung Hills (NJ) (USAU High School Boys)
    598. Watchung Hills (NJ) (USAU High School Girls)
    599. Wellesley (USAU College D-III Women's)
    600. Wesleyan (USAU College D-III Women's)
    601. Wesleyan (USAU College D-III Men's)
    602. West (UT) (USAU High School Girls)
    603. West Chester (USAU College D-I Women's)
    604. West Chester (USAU College D-I Men's)
    605. West Chester Bang! (USAU Club Mixed)
    606. West Chester Loco (USAU Club Mixed)
    607. West Windsor North (NJ) (USAU High School Girls)
    608. West Windsor South (NJ) (USAU High School Girls)
    609. Western Washington (USAU College D-I Men's)
    610. Western Washington (USAU College D-I Women's)
    611. Westfield (NJ) (USAU High School Boys)
    612. Wheaton (USAU College D-III Men's)
    613. Whitman (USAU College D-I Women's)
    614. Whitman (USAU College D-III Men's)
    615. Whitworth (USAU College D-III Men's)
    616. William & Mary (USAU College D-I Men's)
    617. Williamette (USAU College D-III Women's)
    618. Williams (USAU College D-III Women's)
    619. Williams (USAU College D-III Men's)
    620. Wilson (DC) (USAU High School Girls)
    621. Wilson (DC) (USAU High School Boys)
    622. Winnipeg Fusion (USAU Club Women's)
    623. Winnipeg General Strike (USAU Club Men's)
    624. Winona State (USAU College D-III Women's)
    625. Wisconsin (USAU College D-I Men's)
    626. Wisconsin (USAU College D-I Women's)
    627. Wooster (USAU College D-III Women's)
    628. Wooster (USAU College D-III Men's)
    629. Wright State (USAU College D-I Men's)
    630. Xavier (USAU College D-III Women's)
    631. Xavier (USAU College D-III Men's)
    632. Y-Lee (VA) (USAU High School Girls)
    633. Yorktown (VA) (USAU High School Boys)

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