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Nicknames Texas A&M, Dozen Ultimate
Short Name A&M
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Texas A&M is a college ultimate team. The team competes in the College DI Men's Division of USA Ultimate (USAU).

Recent Ranking

Texas A&M moved up to #22 (from #25) in our DI Men's Division Power Rankings on May 9th, 2018.

Recent Videos

  1. Oregon v. Texas A&M (Pool Play, M) Stanford Invite 2016
  2. UMass v. Texas A&M (Final, M) Classic City Classic 2015
  3. JMU v. Texas A&M (Semifinal, M) Classic City Classic 2015
  4. Texas A&M v. Harvard (Pool Play, M) Classic City Classic 2015
  5. Texas A&M v. Minnesota (Pool Play, M) 2015 D-I College National Championships

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