Seattle Sockeye

Roster Announcement

Seattle Sockeye is a club ultimate team. The team competes in the Club Men's Division of USA Ultimate (USAU).

Recent Ranking

Seattle Sockeye was ranked #2 in our Men's Division Power Rankings on September 11th, 2019.

Recent Videos

  1. Sockeye v. Machine (M) 2019 U.S. Open Club Championships
  2. Seattle Sockeye vs. Austin Doublewide (M) 2018 Club National Championships
  3. Sub Zero vs. Sockeye (M, Pool Play) 2017 U.S. Open Club Championships
  4. Boston Ironside v. Seattle Sockeye (Quarterfinal, M) 2016 Club National Championships
  5. San Francisco Revolver v. Seattle Sockeye (Pool Play, M) 2016 Club National Championships

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