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Berkeley High Coup (CA)

Established 2007
Based in Berkeley, CA
Short Name Red
Coaches Meeri Chang, James Sheridan, and Sharon Lin
Captains Max Tomsick, Lauren Carothers-Liske, and Emmet Holton
BerkeleysideArticle about BHS Coup

Berkeley High Coup (CA) is a high school ultimate team based in Berkeley, CA. The team competes in CA in the High School Boys Division of USA Ultimate (USAU).

Recent Ranking

Berkeley High Coup (CA) was ranked #13 in our High School Boys Division Power Rankings on May 18th, 2019.

Recent Articles

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Year League Region
Regular Season Postseason results Captains Coaches
Wins Losses
2016 USAU Western
Colby Chuck, Emmet Holton, Jonah Jake Hartman-Kenzler, Kyle McBard
2014 USAU CA
2013 USAU CA