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The Latest

    May 2020

  1. Memorial Day Sale on Outdoor Gear: Patagonia Black Hole Duffels, Nalgenes, Sideline Chairs: Memorial day is always a great time to stock up on new outdoor equipment. Major sales have just started at REI and Backcountry.
  2. December 2019

  3. Product Review: Greatest 30 Ultimate Bag: Could Greatest's new 30L option be your new tourney bag?
  4. November 2019

  5. Video Product Review: Friction Warms: Can Friction's new gloves keep your hands comfortable this winter?
  6. Product Review: UAP Premium: With one-on-one coaching and a wealth of resources, could UAP Premium help take your game to the next level?
  7. October 2019

  8. Product Review: TOKAY Flight Cleats: TOKAY's new model has a flashy look, but how do they feel?
  9. June 2019

  10. This Is Our History: A Review of ‘Ultimate: The First Five Decades (Vol II)’: A history of the past decade and a half in the sport, this is a coffee table book worth owning.
  11. May 2019

  12. Video Product Review: AGW Ultimate Field Kit: Find out about AGW's new full sub jersey, tank, and shorts.
  13. April 2019

  14. Product Review: Zone Ultimate Field Kit: We tested out Zone's jerseys, shorts, and jackets!
  15. February 2019

  16. Product Review: TOKAY’s iDFits Mobile App: TOKAY's new app integration allows you to easily get the correct size for your online order.
  17. July 2018

  18. Product Review: TOKAY Ultimate Cleats: The world of footwear for ultimate players gets a little bigger with the latest entrant in the cleats market.
  19. December 2017

  20. Product Review: Mint Ultimate’s DarkLight Jersey: A new, fully-sublimated wearable that looks good and decreases your laundry pile.
  21. Product Review: Universe Point Men’s Cleats: Another look at the new Ultimate Point cleats.
  22. Product Review: Zone Ultimate Field Kits: More gear from the Vietnam-based supplier.
  23. Product Review: Zone Ultimate Beach Kits: A rundown of the sun hoody, reversible tank, and shorts from the custom apparel company.
  24. November 2017

  25. Product Review: The Heckler Duffel 2.0: The newest version of The Heckler can withstand a bucket of water, but can it handle all the gear necessary for a long tournament weekend?

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