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  • Extra channels and features in Discord like fun commands and a username flair color.
  • Sneak peeks at upcoming projects. Shh!
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What part of Ultiworld do the subscriptions support?

A subscription is the best way for readers to support *everything* we do at Ultiworld. We have purposely shifted our fundraising focus to these new, bundled subscriptions because they allow us to raise funds from the most popular aspects of our coverage and subsidize less immediately profitable coverage.

If you enjoy our analysis articles but also want to support expanded tournament coverage, a subscription is a great way to do it! If you religiously read all of our MPO coverage, but want to support FPO coverage, a subscription is a great way to do it! If you appreciate all of our reporting but you really just want to make sure Charlie & Jamie can survive another year of The Upshot, a subscription is a great way to do that too.

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With any Ultiworld subscription you will have access to both ultimate benefits and disc golf benefits all in one subscription! Find out more about the ultimate benefits here.

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    Resources for College Ultimate Frisbee Captains

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    Over three meticulously researched parts, Kyle Weisbrod makes the case that the relationship between USAU and its members is at an all-time low and lays out the history of decisions and organizational changes that led to this point.