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Jesse Goldstein found ultimate at Goucher College in 2008, and in spite of a deep love of basketball, has continued to play ever since. He is now a member of Baltimore’s RUNTIME. When he isn’t busy with Ultimate-related activities, he spends most of his time tending to his cat and following the New York Knicks far too closely.

  1. Stanford Invite 2017: Women’s Highlights

    Some spectacular plays from the California coast!

  2. Florida Warm Up 2017: Highlights

    Hot plays from the Sunshine State!

  3. Men’s Highlights: 2016 Club Championships

    These guys are good.

  4. Women’s Highlights: 2016 National Championships

    Huge plays from a huge tournament.

  5. Pro Flight Finale 2016: Highlights [Presented By BE Ultimate]


  6. Pro-Elite Challenge 2016: Highlights, Presented By BE Ultimate

    Thin air, fat plays.

  7. Elite-Select Challenge 2016: Highlights

    Some superb highlights from Columbus!

  8. US Open 2016: Highlights

    Some huge plays to kick off the club season!

  9. College Championships 2016: Men’s Highlights, Presented By Nike Ultimate Camps

    What a tournament!

  10. College Championships 2016: Women’s Highlights, Presented By Nike Ultimate Camps

    What a tournament!

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