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Past Articles in Recap

  1. Club Championships 2021: Fury Nearly Felled, Survive Against Fabulous Phoenix (Women’s Semifinal)

    Veteran leaders came up big for San Francisco, but Raleigh emphatically announced their arrival amongst the division's title contenders.

  2. Club Championships 2021: Brute Squad Defense Denies Molly Brown, Again (Women’s Semifinal)

    Prime additions to Molly Brown's roster and a strong performance at Pro Champs didn't stop history from repeating itself under the lights in San Diego.

  3. Club Championships 2021: PoNY Pummels Sluggish Sockeye (Men’s Semifinal)

    Sockeye's title defense comes up well short.

  4. Club Championships 2021: Ring Break Semis Heartbreak Streak (Men’s Semifinal)

    Raleigh earn their way back to the final for the first time in twenty years.

  5. Club Championships 2021: Molly Brown Take Wind-Swept Win Over Nemesis (Women’s Quarterfinal)

    Nemesis end their deepest bracket run in years, while Molly Brown advance to a familiar semifinal matchup with Brute Squad.

  6. Club Championships 2021: Fury Roars Back For Decisive Win Against Traditional Rivals Riot (Women’s Quarterfinal)

    An age-old rivalry gets its latest chapter.

  7. Club Championships 2021: Rhino’s Quarterfinal Redemption (Men’s Quarterfinal)

    Portland advance to semis for the first time since 1993!

  8. Club Championships 2021: BFG Reigns Supreme in Quarterfinal Blowout Against AMP (Mixed Quarterfinal)

    BFG avenge their 2019 quarters loss.

  9. Club Championships 2021: Mixtape Finally Slays the Drag’n (Mixed Quarterfinal)

    Mixtape makes program history with a first-ever bracket win over Drag'n Thrust after losing in quarters in 2016 and 2019.

  10. Club Championships 2021: PoNY Push Past Machine (Men’s Quarterfinal)

    In 2019, Machine knocked out PoNY. This year PoNY flipped the script!

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