Past Articles in Podcast

  1. Deep Look: Gender Equity Statement, USAU Media Contracts

    A thought-provoking discussion.

  2. Sin The Fields: Season 2 Premiere [Presented By Layout Ultimate]

    STF is back!

  3. Deep Look: Regionals Recap, Presented By Layout Ultimate

    So many upsets!

  4. Deep Look: Nationals Bid Allocation, Presented By Layout Ultimate

    Which Regionals will be the most competitive?

  5. Deep Look: Pro Flight Finale Recap, Presented By Layout Ultimate

    A wild weekend leaves lots of questions as we head to the postseason.

  6. AUDL Roundup: 2016 Season Wrap, MVP Chatter [Presented By Layout Ultimate]

    We close the book on the 2016 AUDL season.

  7. AUDL Roundup: Championship Weekend Recap [Presented By Layout Ultimate]

    A great discussion of the Championship Weekend.

  8. AUDL Roundup: Championship Weekend Preview

    Getting ready for the semis & finals of the AUDL playoffs!

  9. Deep Look: Bad Bids, New Rules, AUDL Champs, Pro-Elite [Presented By Layout Ultimate]

    Tons of topics on this week's Deep Look.

  10. AUDL Roundup: Divisional Finals, Powell Suspension [Presented By Layout Ultimate]

    Less than 10 days from the AUDL Championship.

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