Past Articles in Podcast

  1. Deep Look: United Ultimate League, U24 Worlds

    UUL founder Todd Curran joins Charlie and Keith for an interview.

  2. Sin The Fields: New Year’s Eve, Hotline Bling, Lei Out Team Names

    Ring in the new year wrong with STF!

  3. Deep Look: 2018 College Preview, U24 Worlds Update

    Get fired up for the college season!

  4. Deep Look: U24 Worlds

    Charlie and Keith make their picks for U24s!

  5. Deep Look: 2017 Year In Review

    Looking back at the biggest stories of the year.

  6. Sin The Fields: 2017 Recap, The Busties

    Who's going to win a gender neutral golden bust??

  7. Deep Look: AUDL Boycott, Hannah Leathers & Nicky Spiva, WUCC Ringers

    Pressure ramps up on the AUDL.

  8. Deep Look: AUDL At Five Years, Pro Athletes v. Ultimate Players

    Short episode this week.

  9. Sideline Talk: Matty Tsang [Ep. 9]

    Fantastic insight from the coaching legend.

  10. EuroZone: WUCC Speculation, SOTG Day

    We start to consider how teams will fare at World Clubs next summer.

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