Past Articles in Podcast

  1. Deep Look: Club Wrap, College Preview, Cincinnati WUCC

    Looking back, and ahead.

  2. Sin The Fields: Nationals Wrap, Freechild Comment Bot

    Recovering from a Nationals hangover.

  3. Deep Look: Nationals Recap [With Markette, Tunnell, Sullivan]

    Club season finished up with a Boston three party!

  4. Deep Look: Nationals Pool Play Wrap Show

    We break down the first day of Nationals.

  5. Deep Look: Nationals Preview, Predictions

    Every pool, every division.

  6. Sin The Fields: Nationals, Rockford Survival Guide

    Tad and Pat get you ready for Nationals.

  7. Deep Look: Gender Equity Statement, USAU Media Contracts

    A thought-provoking discussion.

  8. Sin The Fields: Season 2 Premiere [Presented By Layout Ultimate]

    STF is back!

  9. Deep Look: Regionals Recap, Presented By Layout Ultimate

    So many upsets!

  10. Deep Look: Nationals Bid Allocation, Presented By Layout Ultimate

    Which Regionals will be the most competitive?

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