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Past Articles

  1. California’s Ben Chiu For Callahan

    California Ugmo have nominated Ben Chiu for Callahan. Check out his nomination video.

  2. 2019 College Championships To Be Held In Texas

    USA Ultimate announced this morning that the 2019 College Championships will be held in Texas.

  3. Washington’s Nicole Cramer For Callahan

    Washington Element have nominated Nicole “Cheetos” Cramer for Callahan. Check out her nomination video.

  4. UC Santa Barbara’s Julia Kwasnick For Callahan: Part 2

    UC Santa Barbara was the first Callahan video out of the gate this year, releasing a Part 1 installment for Julia Kwasnick in early March.

  5. Stanford’s Caitlin Go For Callahan

    With her quickness and movement, Caitlin Go is one of the engines that drive Stanford Superfly’s offense. Check out her Callahan nomination video.

  6. Victoria’s Ben Burelle For Callahan

    Ben Burelle has been on an absolute tear for the past couple years at every level he’s played, from college to club to AUDL to…

  7. D-III College Championships 2018: Filming Schedule

    Here is Ultiworld’s tentative filming schedule for the 2018 D-III College National Championships.

  8. Stanford Women Make Amazing Ultimate-Themed Do-Re-Mi Song

    Stanford Superfly channeled their inner Julie Andrews with a remake of ‘The Sound of Music’ classic Do-Re-Mi.

  9. Notre Dame’s Luke Brennan For Callahan

    Notre Dame Papal Rage have nominated Luke “Beetleborg” Brennan for Callahan. Check out his nomination video.

  10. Michigan’s Brittany Wright For Callahan

    Michigan Flywheel have nominated Brittany Wright for Callahan. Check out her nomination video.

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