Past Articles

  1. Dallas Roughnecks Re-Sign Dylan Freechild

    The former Callahan winner returns to defend the title with the 2016 AUDL champs.

  2. Madison Radicals Add Former D-I Football Wide Receiver

    Another AUDL franchise taking a chance on a big time athlete.

  3. USAU Adds Three New Divisions For Masters Championships

    Mixed masters, women's grand masters, and great grand masters will compete for first ever sanctioned USAU national titles this summer.

  4. Oregon’s Colby Chuck Gets Big

    Colby Chuck, everyone.

  5. Watch Fury’s Epic 2008 Final Comeback Over Riot

    The Women’s final of the 2008 Club Championships between San Francisco Fury and Seattle Riot is widely regarded as the greatest comeback victory in the…

  6. 2017 TCT Guidelines Announced, Include New Mixed Gender Ratio Experiment

    Photo: Kevin Leclaire — On Friday, USA Ultimate announced the 2017 Triple Crown Tour guidelines. Though many of the rules remain the same, there…

  7. Wildwood Registration Now Open

    Photo: Paul Andris — This post is presented┬áby Wildwood Beach Ultimate. Registration is now open for the Wildwood Beach Ultimate tournament, the largest ultimate…

  8. Minnesota’s Ben Jagt For Callahan: “The Predecessor To The Prelude To The Snapchat Prelude To The Hype Video to T”

    Minnesota has announced Ben Jagt as their 2017 Callahan nominee in classic Grey Duck subversive fashion: with a ‘preview’ video like we’ve seen from Pitt’s…

  9. Clemson Crawls Their Way To Victory

    Clemson’s Hunter Hamvas finds a creative way to make the game-winning catch in this Queen City Tune Up match against Davidson! Check it out: Clemson…

  10. Pittsburgh’s Carl Morgenstern For Callahan

    The early Callahan videos are coming in hot! Here’s long-time Pittsburgh defender Carl Morgenstern getting the “preview” video: Pittsburgh’s Carl Morgenstern For Callahan 2017

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