Past Articles in Video

  1. Men’s Highlights: 2016 Club Championships

    These guys are good.

  2. Women’s Highlights: 2016 National Championships

    Huge plays from a huge tournament.

  3. Friction Gloves Catch Of The Day: Seattle Riot’s Jaclyn Verzuh

    Doing it big!

  4. Freshly Minted Dime: Seattle Riot’s Kelly Johnson

    Doing it the hard way.

  5. 2016 Club Championships: Day 2 Highlights, Presented by BE Ultimate

    Check out the Day 2 video highlights from the 2016 Club Championships in Rockford, IL.┬áThese highlights are brought to you by BE Ultimate. 2016 Club…

  6. BE Ultimate Play of the Day: Ironside’s Kurt Gibson

    Gibson sends Ironside on to semifinals with this beautiful flick huck.

  7. Freshly Minted Dime: Molly Brown’s Claire Chastain

    Chastain's backhand is on point.

  8. Friction Gloves Catch of the Day: Machine’s Michael Schwenk

    Schwenk gets horizontal for the score.

  9. Friction Gloves Catch of the Day: Ozone’s Hannah Leathers

    Hannah Leathers saves the possession!

  10. Freshly Minted Dime: shame.’s Jacob Juszak

    Jacob Juszak braves the Rockford winds for a big huck and score.

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