While I appreciate that none of the newly announced MLU teams will be using typical names like the Tigers or Eagles, none of them really strike me as amazing. Maybe this is because so many are city-specific, making them feel more like inside jokes than team names.

My favorite of the bunch: Vancouver Nighthawks. Why? It is at least somewhat intimidating and, as the official description says best, “there is something about a nocturnal, predatory bird that’s hard not to like.”

  1. Wes Cronk

    Wesley Cronk is the Vice President of Business Development of Ultiworld. Originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, he started playing ultimate in high school and split his college ultimate between the University of Florida and New York University. He has played open club with Vicious Cycle (Gainesville) and Fox Trot Swag Team Unity (New York). He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. You can reach him by email ( or on Twitter (@wescronk).

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