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Coach Speak

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About The Show:

We can’t play ultimate, but we can talk about it. Coach Speak brings you one-on-one interviews with the top coaches in Ultimate about how to find success on and off the field. Each installment focuses on one aspect of the game — planning practice, in-game adjustments, selecting Team USA — and goes deep on what players, coaches, and all of us can learn.

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Jody Avirgan (FiveThirtyEight, 30for30, Radiotopia), former PoNY player and coach at the high school, national, and Team USA levels.

Latest Episodes:

  1. Coach Speak: Building a College Program with Nick Kaczmarek: The Program.
  2. Coach Speak: Developing New Players with Robin Davis: Robin Davis has been coaching Stanford for 20 years.
  3. Coach Speak: Practice Planning with Bob Krier: Krier is a legend for his practice design.
  4. Coach Speak: Coaching Semi-Pro v. Club with Miranda Roth Knowles: How is coaching in the AUDL different than coaching in club?
  5. Coach Speak Subscriber Exclusive: State of Coaching with Sin The Fields: Coach Speak x STF collab
  6. Coach Speak: Translating Playing Ability to Coaching with Alex Snyder: How do you teach others to do what you can do?
  7. Coach Speak: National Team Coaching with Alex Ghesquiere and Ben Van Heuvelen: Winning a world championship is hard, even with the best team.
  8. Deep Look: Jody Avirgan, Lindsay Soo, Subscription Drive: New content alert!
  9. Coach Speak: Mental Toughness with Tiina Booth: How to approach the mental side of the game.
  10. Coach Speak: In-Game Adjustments with Darryl Stanley: How do you make changes mid-stream?

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