Buy a Club Team Pack

Purchase the 2024 Club Team Pack to get subscription access for your entire club team and coaching staff. Here are the benefits to buying a Team Pack:

  • Unlimited streaming and download club video access this season for every player and coach on your team!
  • Ultiworld will guarantee to film at least one of your team’s games in 2024 if your team is attending an Ultiworld-covered tournament!
  • Every player and coach will get a full season Mini Subscription to get additional premium Ultiworld content for free!
  • You get rights to use Ultiworld footage in your team’s highlight reels, award videos, or other promotional material!
  • Includes the opportunity to submit video and strategy questions to Ultiworld’s Film Room!
  • Best deal available — on average, around $16 a person for the season!

Cost: $499 Early bird price of $449 if you purchase your Team Pack by July 31!

We are happy to answer any questions by email at [email protected].

**Note: Teams that subscribed to the 2023 Club Team Pack will receive an email with a discount on the 2024 package.**



Pay via PayPal below. A receipt from PayPal and redemption instructions from Ultiworld will be sent to your PayPal email address soon after a successful purchase.