Past Articles in Callahan Videos

  1. Kentucky’s Jake Carrico for Callahan 2020

    Jake Carrico is the 2020 Callahan nominee from Kentucky KULT. Check out his video.

  2. Syracuse’s Adam Newman for Callahan 2020

    Adam Newman gets the Callahan nod from Syracuse Doom. Here’s his video.

  3. Emory’s Daniel Sperling for Callahan 2020

    Daniel Sperling has been one of the more underrated players in the Southeast for years. Now he’s Emory’s Callahan nominee. Here’s his video.

  4. DePaul’s Mike Prasauskas for Callahan 2020

    DePaul DUC have nominated Mike Prasauskas for Callahan. Check out the video.

  5. LSU’s Johnny Sims for Callahan 2020

    LSU have nominated Johnny Sims for Callahan. Check out his video.

  6. Drexel’s Dylan Smith for Callahan 2020

    Drexel Spitfire have nominated Dylan Smith for Callahan. Here’s the video.

  7. NC State’s Henry Poe for Callahan 2020

    The first of the season?

  8. California’s Tommy Lin for Callahan 2019

    California Ugmo have nominated Tommy Lin for Callahan. Here’s his video.

  9. UC Santa Cruz’s Aaron Hom for Callahan 2019

    UC Santa Cruz Slugs have nominated Aaron Hom for Callahan. Here’s his video.

  10. Southern California’s Cat Chung for Callahan 2019

    Southern California Hellions have nominated Cat Chung for Callahan. Check out the video.

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