Past Articles in Club Mixed Roster Moves

  1. Boulder Love Tractor 2018 Roster

    Some more elite club experience added to an already strong roster.

  2. Dallas-Fort Worth Public Enemy 2018 Roster

    The South Central's most wanted are back !

  3. San Francisco Polar Bears 2018 Roster

    Polar Bears' young roster is hoping to achieve the same success as past outfits.

  4. Cincinnati Steamboat 2018 Roster

    Cincinnati Steamboat has won three of the last five Great Lakes Regionals and has finished as high as 5th at the National Championships in 2016.

  5. Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust 2018 Roster

    After being dealt a quarterfinal exit in 2017, Drag’n Thrust is hoping maintain their status as one of the elite clubs in the mixed division.

  6. San Francisco Mischief 2018 Roster

    Several big names from across the college and club ranks join Mischief this season, including 2017 All-Club 2nd Team selection Robin Meyers (formerly of Wild Card).

  7. Washington DC Space Heater 2018 Roster

    You’ve heard the buzz.

  8. Philadelphia AMP 2017 Roster

    So much young talent.

  9. Minneapolis Drag’n Thrust 2017 Roster

    The Minneapolis juggernauts lose a cornerstone piece, but pick up some young D3 talent.

  10. Dallas-Fort Worth Public Enemy 2017 Roster

    Eleventh in the country last year and adding Ultiworld's Mixed Offensive Player of the Year.

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