Colorado School of Mines

Based inGolden, Colorado
NicknamesEntropy Ultimate
Short NameEntropy
Achievements and wins
13th D-III
18th D-III
6th Colorado
5th Colorado
9th South
D-III Region
5th South
D-III Region (2)
2016, 2015
Second Team
All Region -
Scott Harris
Central All
Freshman -
Zach Cotter
Second Team
All Region -
Zach Cotter
Official Club

According to team lore the original Entropy Ultimate team members first learned of the forehand throw during their debut tournament while watching other teams warm up their throws.

In the beginning the team would regularly attend President's Day and CenTex tournaments. At the time these tournaments served as opportunities for Entropy to measure up to the big teams of the day, to which Entropy had several close losses. In the 2001 season Entropy reached its highest national ranking at 34th going 24-8 for the season.

With the rapid expansion of college in the mid 2000s and the power shift towards larger colleges, Entropy ultimate moved to the D-III division to find a better competitive fit for the team given the smaller pool of talent compared to the significantly larger regional rivals. Despite the shift and under the leadership of Mike Patton, Eddie McWhirter, and Phil Zelenik the team quickly rose to some prominence within the Soutwhest region, culminating in back to back D-III Nationals appearances in 2006 and 2007 (13th and 18th places respectively). This competitive spirit continued through 2009 under guidance of Chase Williamson, Troy Wojick and Todd Gedvilas.

In the late 2000s the team underwent a series of changes, choosing to adopt a less competitive spirit. The approach resulted in a collection of years wherein recruitment decreased and the team suffered a series of setbacks, failing even to attend sectionals. Competing in the 2011 Trouble in Vegas with only 8 members (6 of which were freshmen) was a sign of the struggles the team faced.

Despite the lows the team experienced in 2011, the small collection of players showed some promise. The freshman talent pool included future 2015 Team USA U-23 member and Ring of Fire and Raleigh Flyers defensive all-star Hunter Taylor, who would play two years with Entropy before transferring to Virginia Tech to complete his collegiate career. Additionally, the freshmen recruits from fall of 2010 that attended the notorious 2011 Trouble in Vegas tournament would become a committed core of talent from which the team would rebuild.

The team's renaissance would be kicked into higher gear with the arrival of "Papa" Scott Patrick Harris in fall 2011. Over the course of the next two years the team made significant strides in improving organization, commitment, and recruitment. Success followed in the form of sectionals and regionals appearances from 2014 to present and multiple individual member nominations to All-Region and All-Freshman teams.

Today Entropy is known for their mixture of competitive ultimate spirit and engineering pride.

Notable Figures in Team History
Orion - Team Founder
Jeff "Bev" Berget --> Former member of Johnny Bravo
Eric "Ech" Huelson --> Offensive coach and national level handler for Sack Lunch and Mesteno
Kevin "Butter" Worth --> Defensive coach, has the record for most consecutive days at Coors Lab, played at club worlds with Bad Larry
Ed Plute and Chris Lindeman -->Entropy players who coached the Women's team when it existed
Jeremy Beckman --> Devastatingly handsome, legend has it he has never been hand blocked
Eddie McWhirter --> Captain and recruiter extraordinaire
Hunter Taylor --> Member of 2015 Team USA U-23 Open team, Ring of Fire, Raleigh Flyers
Scott Patrick Harris --> Team resurrector (aka "Papa")

They moved up to #10 (from #11) in our College D-III Men's Power Rankings on February 22nd, 2024.